I’ve been feeling the need for a change lately – mainly in regards to our apartment. It’s that time of the year again – lease renewal! We have the opportunity to get the heck out of here or stay put and sign another year of our lives away. James and I have been in our current place for 2 years – the longest I’ve been in any apartment my entire adult (post parent’s house) life. In fact, I’ve moved exactly 10 times in the last 10 years of my life. And let me tell you – all that moving is exhausting! 
From the get go James and I said we’d stay here as long as we were happy with it. Well, we’re still happy here (mostly) but we’re both starting to get the itch. If we stay – we definitely need to redecorate – and quite frankly, decorating is much easier done in a new place because it is forced upon you. I can almost guarantee if we stay I will not be able to get the motivation to actually change anything. And that may drive James crazy since he’s been begging me since the day I put these square picture frames up two years ago (in the photo below) to pleeeeeeeeeease take them down.

It’s not that he dislikes the photos (Ansel Adams – yay!) … it’s that he hates the frames. You see – they stick out 2 inches off the wall and none of the other frames in our house do so. (I had no idea my husband had such strange tendencies about things needing to be uniform until we lived together… and he calls me anal retentive!) 🙂 I told him I would find new frames, but had no luck and gave up after about 2 months – and therefore we have lived with these ever since.
Anyways, I digress. Change… Hmmm… I started writing this post as we were heading out the door to look at a different apartment with visions of granite counter tops, a new stove, and central air in my mind…. but now that we have returned, my hopeful vision has burst. The only way I would dare put any energy into moving would be if the apartment was an obvious upgrade.  So far, the only places we have seen were definitely not. They were downgrades, in fact. Ugh.
So – it’s looking like I may need to light a fire under my butt after all and get those frames off the wall.  And maybe get a can of paint in just the right tone of gray for our bedroom.  And make a change that involves much less packing, unpacking and time…

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