Grab a glass of bubbly or whatever you prefer, (in our case a good IPA!) and dig right in!! We’re Christy and James, and we are the husband and wife team that make up Christy Tyler Photography! We’re so excited that you’re here! We believe that the relationship we have with our clients is the main reason we are able to capture such beautifully honest moments - so we’d love to start out by telling you a little more about us, and hope you’ll return the favor!

We were set up by a mutual friend at a birthday party in March 2007 and didn't like each other after our first conversation! haha! However, a couple drinks later, we had our first kiss in the back of a dive bar that same evening (as you do)... and first said "I love you" at that same bar a few months later. (Keeping it classy!) We got engaged just a year later, and were married in Green Lake, WI a year after that (May 23, 2009, to be exact)! Christy has been shooting weddings since 2008 and James joined her in 2010. We fought long and hard to start our family and were blessed with 3 miracle kiddos - our twin boys, Gabriel & Micah, and our baby girl, Aya. Our day to day life consists of chasing our kids all over the house while chasing down our dreams. ;-) 250+ weddings later and and we're still loving every minute of it!

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Christy & James are Chicago based but happily travel anywhere in the world that beautiful love stories take them!