Ali + John ~ Chicago North Avenue Beach Engagement Photography

I’ve been waiting to officially meet these two since I saw a photo we took of John dancing at a wedding we shot!! haha! He was having the time of his life and Ali was laughing in the background – and when they told me it was them in the photo I immediately knew they were our people! haha.

I had the best time wandering around Southport Corridor with them on a hot hot hot Chicago summer night! Then we headed to the beach to wrap up the shoot with some sandy dunes and skyline just before the police came and kicked everyone off the lakefront because it was too crowded to safely social distance. Whew! These are the time we are in right now – but we made it work (mostly thanks to these two being much more brave than I am – haha) and sticking it out for those last few shots before we ran back to our cars in the rain!!

Here are some of my favorite moments!!

Love these two and cannot wait to celebrate with them on their big day!! XOXO

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