Wedding Package Updates ~ USB Memory Direct

We’ve been shooting weddings for 10 years now and needless to say – our branding and packaging has seen a few changes over those years!! Early on we still used to print labels on CDs and burn all the photos to them to send to clients in the mail!! Ah!! It kind of makes me cringe to even think about how slooooow that process was back then!!

Since then we have rebranded a couple of times and with that we also updated our physical packaging. I am obsessed with printed goods and know how important it is to have a beautiful physical representation of our brand since oftentimes most of our client’s interactions with us are via email or social media!

Of course we offer digital galleries and personalized client websites online, but on top of that I think it is so important to surprise our clients with things in the mail throughout the process. At the very end of their entire experience – we really want to make sure to add a little icing to the top of the cupcake (so to say) by surprising them with one last pretty little thing in the mail!! And that is a custom USB drive with all their final wedding images, as well as a box of printed highlights from their wedding day. While we want them to have easy access to their images online in this digital era – it is also so important to us for them to have something tangible in their hands when it is all said and done too.

I’m obsessed with these new USB Memory Direct drives we just got in because they perfectly encapsulate our brand! They are clean, modern, include our logo (helpful – so our clients won’t forget what is on them years down the road!), and allow me to tie on a silk ribbon for that final touch. (I can’t get enough of ribbons, it’s a problem. haha). They were so super easy to order and arrived so quickly (key during busy season right now – ah)!! 🙂

Here is a look at our new custom USB drives along with a glimpse at our final package (minus the thank you cards and notes – not included in this post)!!


Wedding Photographer USB_0025Wedding Photographer USB_0026Wedding Photographer USB_0027Wedding Photographer USB_0028

I just love all the pretty things!! Let me know if you have any questions!


Custom USB drives from USB Memory Direct.

Prints from Richard Photo Lab.

Glass Boxes from La Rousse.

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