My Valentines

We had a nice quiet Valentine’s Day morning complete with heart-shaped blueberry pancakes and turkey bacon, followed by a walk to the park trudging through the melting foot of snow outside (since it is a balmy 44 degrees today)!

James was busy working on culling our recent wedding so I decided to take the boys up to our bedroom and attempt get some photos of them (key word: ATTEMPT). Not surprisingly, it turned out to be near impossible! haha. So I decided to set the timer instead and hop in there with them (even though I was still in pjs, hadn’t brushed my hair or washed my face yet today! haha) – but this way I could at least kind of hold them in one spot for the photos. haha!

They aren’t perfect (just like life never is) – but we had fun amid the chaos! 🙂 Here are some of my favorites! 🙂



Twin Valentine Photos_0001Twin Valentine Photos_0002Twin Valentine Photos_0003

Can you sit by your brother and put your arms around each other? (This photo: haha)

Twin Valentine Photos_0004

No, really – can you sit by your brother? (That’d be a no, mom.)

Twin Valentine Photos_0005

Well at least Gabe appeased me for a moment. haha

Twin Valentine Photos_0006

After Micah jumps off the bed for the millionth time … “wait, you’re still trying to do this photo thing?”

Twin Valentine Photos_0007Twin Valentine Photos_0008

Alright – fine – let’s lay down on the bed instead! 🙂

Twin Valentine Photos_0009

(Insert mama in hopes of at least getting them both simultaneously in the frame and MAYBE by some miracle in focus.)

Twin Valentine Photos_0010Twin Valentine Photos_0011Twin Valentine Photos_0012Twin Valentine Photos_0013


Now the boys are down for a nap and we are about to get ready to head out for a date! We are being pretty cliche and going on a Valentine’s Day date – which we honestly have NEVER done in like 10 years I’m pretty sure. We were always the order pizza in and drink champagne couple, or sometimes occasionally would make a fancy dinner at home type. Either way – we were certainly home bodies for Valentine’s! We’ll see if we end up reverting back to our low-key Valentine’s after today. We have a couple’s massage planned followed by dinner out – but we tend to be the dive bar type so not sure where we’ll end up last minute for dinner (if that’s even possible on Valentine’s to not have reservations?! – we shall see! haha), but I’m sure wherever we go will have some burger and fries options and hopefully a deal on local draft beer! 😉

Happy Valentine’s Day to you and all the loves in your lives – whatever form they may come in! XOXO

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