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You guys!!! My goodness, it is by some miracle that I FINALLY got our website updated! I needed to do this since Chrome updated their settings to make Flash not run well anymore and so I needed to update to the Showit5 platform that runs sooo much more smoothly on the new browser updates and has a sleek mobile design too!!

Anyway – I have been working on this behind the scenes for a while now – but let me tell you – learning a new platform (even though it turns out it is super easy!) is difficult… on top of you know, keeping the business going during the craziest of the crazy busy seasons, and trying to keep two little humans from constantly trying to injure themselves!! (Quick side note about that – Micah fell down the last few steps of our basement steps yesterday and landed in a giant pile of laundry that had heaped up at the bottom of the stairs – as tends to happen a lot this time of year. And because he didn’t get injured, but instead landed peacefully in a pile of dirty laundry – he has decided he needs to reenact/recreate this experience whenever possible. Yes, you guessed it – he is INTENTIONALLY trying to fall down the stairs now and says “sip!!” (i.e. Slip!) every time he does it! Oh my gosh. Seriously, child.)

Anyway – I digress!! Things have been busy and this has been on my must do list for way too long and now it is finally done!! WOO!!! I’m loooving this new Showit5 situation now that I got used to adjusting on that platform and am so excited to share our new updated site with you guys!!!

Here are some sneak peeks at a couple pages!!



And here is the link to the real deal (which you must go see!):

Let me tell you – putting new photos up (our old site had photos from 2013 most recently on it! Oops) and sharing our story and more about why we love doing this just reinvigorated me going into off season!!! I am so excited for what is ahead!! We are still booking for 2018 and would love for you all to continue to send people our way! We are always and forever grateful for this opportunity to chase our dreams with our baby boys as witnesses to it all! XOXO Happy weekending!

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