Coming Soon ~ Facebook Live FAQs!!

Hi guys!!! It’s me, Christy, buried over here under the craziness that is busy season!! haha!

I’ve been wanting to share some FAQ topics with you guys that you have been asking about – but every time I have a moment to work – I have to do other more pressing things! So I figured a good way around this is to address some of them in video form instead so it is a little more off the cuff and easier to make time for! (Drafting blog posts takes a LOT of time, friends!) I started doing this via Instagram Stories recently already- which are awesome, but they disappear after 24 hours and people who watch them can’t save them – so if you missed it – it is gone! I don’t love that about it – though it works well for some content.

So for things I get asked pretty frequently – instead of addressing those questions there where they will disappear – I’ve decided to address them on Facebook Live instead so more people can watch and interact with me while I’m on there. I think I’ll try to just do a set day and time either weekly or monthly so people know to tune in on Tuesdays at noon (or something like that) and we can chat!! Then the videos will be saved on our wall there so people who couldn’t watch live can access them anytime.

SO! I already have a list of things people have started to write in about which include the following (some related to photography or weddings – some other random life things):

  1. What does our outsourcing process look like from shooting a session to delivery?
  2. Wedding day makeup & photography – how to look your best in person and in photos!
  3. Off Camera Flash tips/thoughts/life FAQ
  4. Running a business with babies/kids
  5. Traveling with Twins
  6. Cloth Diaper Details
  7. Preparation photo/Detail photos tips and tricks


Alright!! Those are the lists of questions I’ve gotten from people so far that I promised I would discuss at some point!! Please leave comments below or message me with additional topics you’d like to see covered!! I can’t wait to get this series going and make it a regular thing!!!

And because everyone needs a little love today – here’s a sweet pic of the boys from when they were basically just the tiniest. Okay maybe not the tiniest, but so much smaller than they are now!! Where is the time going?!


Wedding Photographer FAQ_0001


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