May Tidbits ~ Life Behind the Scenes with 14 month old twins

Looking back at May feels like yesterday and a year ago all at the same time! The boys have changed so much in just two months that I had to make sure to post this so I could remember them at that stage! We had such an odd start to our wedding season this year with a very full April for weddings and then had not one single wedding in May! It was so strange, and also surprisingly wonderful because we were able to actually enjoy some warmer spring time weather with the boys and we fit in a ton of time with our loved ones in May before things got really crazy this summer!!

May also consisted of James’ 39th birthday, our 8th wedding anniversary, Mother’s Day in Wisconsin, and a long Memorial Day weekend in Madison with the boys’ cousins and some friends!! We never normally would have gotten in all that quality time with each other and our loved ones – so I made sure not to get too panicky about the slower month and instead enjoyed every minute before things really started to pick up in June/July!

Here’s a look behind the scenes at our month of May! 🙂

1. It’s hard to believe we started off the month wearing our winter bear suits! 🙂

2. Baby selfies for the win. haha

3. More bear suit adorableness!!!

4. A quiet month for weddings meant we had more time to get out and enjoy the city! The next two photos are from a visit to Maggie Daley park, which is a seriously amazing park downtown!!! So cool!

5. Gabriel bravely cruising solo across the wobbly bridge!

6. Music! (Or, eat the cymbals – no biggie, Gabe. lol)




  1. Gabie takes his reading of blank pages very seriously.
  2. Someone is getting a little gray (which is only visible when we aren’t busy working – i.e. he isn’t shaving weekly!!!)
  3. Teaching my boys to love flowers as much as I do!
  4. This dude doesn’t know how to chill out when he eats a banana. hahahaha. He shoves the whole thing down without ever stopping to breath or take a break! haha
  5. Goofballs love to wrestle each other!
  6. Daddy and Micah time – melting my heart.




  1. First time with their own bowl and spoon – they loved it!
  2. Thai food for dinner with dada!
  3. More bowl and spoon fun!
  4. #reallifemama Motherhood at its finest… getting out of the shower to have babies immediately want to cuddle and hang out. haha.
  5. Cuddles with daddy. He’s so zen, he makes the strongest of us fall asleep within minutes! (I should know!)
  6. Fun with nana while home over mother’s day weekend!!




  1. Mother’s Day selfie with my cuties!
  2. Nana + Micah
  3. Which book should we read?!
  4. Chloe getting everything she deserves for being crazy and demanding for years. haha. Really though – how cute is this?! 🙂
  5. Lovie + blue eyes.
  6. Went from winter gear to tanks & shorts within a week or two! Oh Chicago.




  1. Our cleaning crew. Training them to work outside the home ASAP. hahaha
  2. Date night after a corporate shoot! Fancy dranks at a nearby spot was a fun change of pace!
  3. I mean – they are basically my size now – WHAT.
  4. Mornings in bed with my boys! (Because, yes, James still sleeps in another room because Micah finally ended up sleeping with me and well… that’s just life right now!
  5. Gabe insisted on trying on my coat. Heart melts.
  6. Babies nap…. so does everybody else (sometimes).




  1. 8th anniversary date night!! These margaritas were MUUUUUCH stronger than we realized upon initially drinking our first one rather quickly! Oops!
  2. Anniversary date night continues, and selfies fail.
  3. Love that they love glasses and hats all of a sudden! Too cute! LOL.
  4. My obsession with flowers continues and this is from our own yard! YEAH!
  5. Visit to Madison and hanging out with the coolest cousins around!
  6. More flowers from our yard. I mean….




  1. Visit to Madison over Memorial Day weekend continues… as does this boys need to carry around a cheese curd for hours at the Farmer’s Market. haha.
  2. Cousin love!
  3. More cheese curd love. I mean – smart boy!
  4. Auntie Jenn and Gabie!
  5. Me and my girl, T!
  6. Cousin E & G! 🙂




  1. Micah in his element in Madison!
  2. Gabe let his cousins put anything on his head – I swear! Too funny!
  3. Again – Gabe wearing whatever his cousins put on him! haha.
  4. Tastiest pizza date with so many of our faves!
  5. Micah meets his future wife, Baylor. 😉
  6. Gabe already in love with his future wife, Harper. 😉




  1. They always want to hold the boys even though I swear they are still babies themselves!!
  2. Chloe happy we are home and basking in the sun in our backyard.
  3. Watching daddy mow!
  4. Did I mention Chloe was happy we were home? She never lays this close to Micah and trusts he won’t sit on her! haha
  5. Gabe’s obsession with his push Thomas begins…. oh man.
  6. Hi, my name is Chloe – I am still here even though you rarely hear from me! 😉 oops.




What a lovely month with so much family & friend time!! I’m clearly behind so I hope to get June up soon too!!! 🙂

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