April Tidbits ~ Life Behind the Scenes with 13 month old twins

These little dudes are learning more and more by the day! It seriously blows my mind the things I can request of them (like, “Micah, can you go get Gabe’s lovie and give it to him, please?”) and they do it!! I can’t believe all the language they now understand and how many words they are starting to use!

Gabe’s favorite thing lately is to wave “hi” and “bye” to everyone he sees – in photos, on TV, and on the street. haha. It is adorable. He also loves to bark like a dog… or in his words, “woof woof.” He does it whenever he sees Chloe or any other dog, and even does it at the mention of dogs. We actually watched the Hollywood Kennel Club’s Dog Show on demand the other day because they’re so obsessed (and it gets them to sit still for a diaper change, let’s be real)! Though he also thinks EVERYTHING is a dog… including all other 4-legged animals, so we’re working on it. (We watched the Kentucky Derby and all the horses got “woof woofs” from Gabriel. haha)

Micah’s favorite thing to do lately is clean and mimic anything we do. If he could carry around our broom everyday, he would. The first time we tried to take it away from him he lost his mind like we had completely broken his heart. Ha! He continues to be a super cuddly little guy and touch/physical affection are definitely his love languages. Also, he is such a good listener lately! It kind of blows my mind. I can ask nearly anything of him and even if I know he would rather not do something (like hand me the TV remote when he is running around the house with it like he just stole a million dollars) – he still carries it over to me and hands it over. I know he won’t probably always listen so well – so I’m enjoying it for the time being!

The two of them have become even more crazy about each other and get the biggest smiles when they are reunited! If one wakes up from a nap before the other, for example, they are all smiles and waves when they see each other again! They love to wrestle and lay on top of each other, and the other day Micah spontaneously sat on Gabe’s lap (though Gabe didn’t love that)! haha. They love to “talk” during mealtimes and pass their sippy cups back and forth to one another. They also will pick something up for the other and hand it to them and it basically leaves me in a puddle of lovey dovey mush every time. I hope they are always best buds!

On the work front – April was the official start of our wedding season! We were busy with 3 beautiful weddings and also spent a weekend in Wisconsin with family for Easter. All in all it was a really beautiful month around here! Here’s a look at all the fun! 🙂


  1. He was so proud to be sitting in the wagon! haha
  2. Skeptical or tired… or both.
  3. This guy loves guacamole! He was eating it by the handful during this meal!
  4. Serious about his dinner!
  5. It was a funny April – beautiful one day – cold enough for hats and lots of layers the next!
  6. Nothing like reading a book in your wagon with no pants on. (He also put this little seat in his wagon, smart boy!)



  1. The wrestling eased up for a bit and came back in full force this month!
  2. Enjoying a beautiful Sunday afternoon dining al fresco!
  3. Micah man is getting so much hair!
  4. Enjoying a little rocking chair at a friend’s birthday party (all the same day as the previous 3 photos – I swear they wear something besides these Childhood’s Clothing sweatshirts! haha)
  5. Post nap and it just felt right to relax in the wagon. 🙂
  6. This boy loves to get into stuff in my office – ALWAYS.



  1. Chloe girl! She loves to hang out with me during my sketchy basement workouts. 🙂
  2. #twinmom
  3. I can’t handle this!! Sleeping on his lovie – and those lips and those eyelashes!!! AH!
  4. This is how we watch shows with babies sleeping upstairs. James always wants the volume WAY too loud, so he watches wearing headphones and I listen at a normal volume like normal people! 😉
  5. New shoes!
  6. OBSESSED with helping us clean! Let’s hope that stays that way! 😉



  1. My favorite girl, Erin, and I enjoying a floral workshop at Fab Flora!!
  2. We made those!! How pretty!!! YAAAAAY!
  3. These boys got some sun in April! This cutie is enjoying a relaxing Easter weekend at nana & papa’s!
  4. Lounging on their baby rockers. haha.
  5. Easter eggs!
  6. Keeping it super simple for Easter. They have no idea what is going on anyway – and we like to keep expectations low! haha



  1. Exploring the yard with nana at Easter.
  2. BALL!!
  3. You want me to do WHAT with this rake?!
  4. Micah and nana. My heart.
  5. Oh the hair!!
  6. Out for a stroll. 🙂



  1. Stopping to eat smell the flowers.
  2. Apparently we went out to eat a lot in April and the boys loved it! We’re working on not staring so much… someday. haha
  3. We also hit up a lot of parks! These two are naturals on the slide now! And Micah thinks he’s 10.
  4. Wheely bug!
  5. Cutie!!
  6. Our tulips! I’m obsessed (which you already know if you follow me on Instagram)!



  1. I actually fixed their bedhead one morning and oh my oh my how cute are these curly headed loves?! 🙂
  2. Always holding as many balls as possible.
  3. Curls for days. And getting blonder by the minute. Whose baby is this kid anyway?!
  4. Get to work, kiddo!
  5. Oh the joy an old shoe rack can bring!
  6. Love these #favorite t-shirts my friend, Steve, gave the boys!! They truly are both our favorites!!



  1. Oh, what’s that you say? You can’t see what is happening here? That’s because this blurry guy was mid-leap off the furniture (for the millionth time)! hahaha
  2. Seriously, this pink tufted velvet chair in my office? Their favorite. Also, Chloe is their favorite too.
  3. Out to eat again! Woops!
  4. Judging everyone at Revolution Brewery. Errr… I mean, people watching. 😉
  5. My Chicago guys!
  6. Seriously – holding as many balls as possible always. Ha!



What a beautiful month amid the start of our wedding season! I’m so thankful for this beautiful life! These boys are MY FAVORITE. Stay tuned for May, before we know it! 🙂 XOXO

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