March Tidbits ~ Life Behind the Scenes with 1-year-old twins

How is it possible that I just wrote “1-YEAR-OLD TWINS” in that heading?!

I’m still in total denial that my babies turned one, sorry. The month of March was a good one around here! 🙂 We were wrapping up the end of our ‘off season’ and so we squeezed in as much time with family and friends as possible amid our sessions and meetings for work. As you already know – the boys turned one on March 10th and we spent most of the weekend celebrating! We had family and friends over and my parents stayed over the night before the party to get a little extra time with the boys. (In reality it worked out perfect for me because my mom was here to help me party prep – which apparently I really needed help with because I swear she did the majority of it! THANKS MOM!) 🙂

I also had my first night(s) away from the boys over St. Patrick’s Day weekend, which going into I was super nervous about because I have never left them and also neither James or myself have ever had to take care of the boys overnight alone. Also, Micah still tends to lose his mind looking for mama to nurse from (mostly for comfort, lets just be honest – the boys loves cuddles and I’m not (usually) mad about it) – so I wasn’t sure how he’d do overnight with me gone. Well, the first night was a little rough and the boys tag teamed James initially but then settled in. The second night they realized mama had been gone all day and so they slept like champs for James! They each only woke up one time (which is some kind of record) and were great to him! The only problem is that James was so worried about sleeping through someone crying or needing something that he hardly slept anyway. He said he probably got 8 hours total over the two nights I was gone.

Meanwhile I had one of the best massages of my life at The Abbey Resort in Fontana (Lake Geneva) Wisconsin for my sister’s 40th birthday spa weekend celebration! (Seriously highly recommend that resort! The food was “meh”, but the massages and spa area were wonderful and would be perfect for a couple’s weekend or girls’ weekend! And the price felt like a steal – so that was awesome!) It all turned out to be some much needed pampering and much needed time with my mom and sister – who I don’t see or spend time with one on one often enough!!

March was also one of our few HEALTHY months around here. I don’t know how – but we seem to constantly be sick from something over here – at least every other month – so it was nice to have a low-key healthy month over here for everyone!!

Anyway – enough chatter from me – here’s a little peek (ahem, way too many photos) behind the scenes! 🙂


  1. Creepy mom stalking my adorable sleeping baby take 1.
  2. I can’t get enough of these two in these suits and neither can James! 🙂 haha. March was the perfect temp for pretending it was spring when really it wasn’t.
  3. Creepy mom stalking my adorable sleeping baby take 2.
  4. Dude is obsessed with these little inserts to their bumbo seats. I find him sitting in them all the time!
  5. They empty the bookshelf whenever possible.
  6. My man Gabe!



  1. Our happy babe!
  2. Our serious babe!
  3. Please… let us get to the playground!!!
  4. through 6. Post playground, missed our naps, exhaustion = total craziness at dinner. haha



  1. Micah man is such a cuddle bug and it is the. sweetest.
  2. More outside time! Also known as – we have a yard now that we can use!
  3. Their love for Chloe just keeps getting better and better!!!
  4. Micah man is a squirm and Auntie Erin was handling business! haha
  6. Sometimes we say… “Hey! We’re married! Remember me?!” haha



  1. High five me, bro!
  2. Cutie pie enjoying lunch.
  3. Finally cleaned out our back room for their birthday party, which meant we had a change of scenery for lunch time!
  4. Cutie pie enjoying lunch part 2.
  5. They’ve really been knocking out for afternoon naps again (and here I thought they were over them… turns out it was just a sleep regression), so sometimes I sneak in and take creepy pics. I mean, obviously.
  6. It’s their birthday!!! And I wanted just ONE photo of them together! You can guess how well that went. haha



  1. Okay – so we got no photos of them together – so let’s try selfies with mom instead…. yay!!
  2. Orrrrr…. NOT. hahahahaha
  3. Let’s try the two of them together again. Just kidding – they’re wrestling again.
  4. Okay, fine, just Gabe then!
  5. Birthday party time!!!
  6. Dad, you’re wearing it wrong!



  1. Birthday cupcake confusion.
  2. Presents!
  3. The day after the party bed head! WHEW!
  4. Let’s keep the party going!
  5. Futon obsessed. For real.
  6. Trying on their new birthday digs. Too cuuuuute.



  1. Waking up is hard to do.
  2. Sunshine and spring colors! Bring on spring, please!
  3. Waking up is hard to do, take two. (This is an almost daily thing.)
  4. Gabe could care less about pacifiers, is that obvious?
  5. My boys!!
  6. Tongs. Give me all the tongs.



  1. St. Patrick’s Day drumming!
  2. SPA DAY and MOM BODY! Yeah!
  3. The spa pool – yesssss.
  4. Me and my sis!! 🙂
  5. Finally found a lightweight double stroller to keep in the car for trips to the store and I am sooooo glad, because holy moly that running stroller we have is so awkward and heavy to break down and transport.
  6. Just Micah and a serious deep squat. haha



  1. More nice weather – more park time!
  2. First taste of Grandma Twohig’s spaghetti was a success. 🙂
  3. Park park park!
  4. Bottle and Lovie, nothing better!
  5. Okay, maybe mama is even better! 😉 (Little man loves to put his forehead on mine and it is the SWEETEST.)
  6. Happy babe!



  1. Oops. That is a double photo and I’m going to be honest – I’m way too tired and it is way too late to go fix this. So enjoy your double dose of happy Gabe!
  2. Look!! Micah smiling! Contrary to popular belief – he isn’t always serious. 🙂 He’s also super happy!
  3. Sometimes Micah just lays on the floor and it cracks me up.
  4. He also sometimes brushes his teeth while in the wagon. 🙂
  5. Everything is an adventure for these two and it is awesome!! Even a couple of shipping boxes on a futon in my office… 🙂
  6. Just a boy and his scrubbing brush.



Tyler boy overdose!! 😉 My bad! haha Happy Monday, loves!! Here’s to a beautiful April!

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