February Tidbits ~ Life Behind the Scenes with 11 Month Old Twins

February was an odd month around here… it was still quiet work-wise, with handful of sessions and a couple of meetings with potential clients each week – but thankfully so – because we got hit with the norovirus early in the month BAD. Oh my gosh – I can’t tell you how much laundry we were doing and how many diapers & covers we were going through! For those trying to figure out how to manage norovirus with babies – we found it easiest to avoid blowouts by putting a cloth diaper cover (we have the Flip covers) OVER a disposable diaper! That way it didn’t go all the way through every single thing they had on because it was always leaking out the sides & top of their diapers!! The cloth cover would contain the nastiness (I won’t even go into detail here!!! Ack!) and you could manage just to change them (usually) like normal… though we had waaaay more baths than normal during that time!

Before all that sickness hit though – I got to visit friends I’ve missed so much and drove 3 hours each way to Indianapolis with the boys BY MYSELF to visit them… which I’m waaaay impressed with, if I do say so myself! 😉 Looking back on these photos I can’t get over how much chubbier they were then!! I feel like they were such babies just a month ago and now they are tall and thinner – like little dudes!! It’s crazy! They’ll be taller than me before I know it! That’s how it works… right? They go from babies to college grads in the blink of an eye… yes? 🙁

Anyway – let’s get to the behind the photos! 🙂


  1. These boys have an obsession with berries – especially blackberries!! Gabe gets mad when they’re gone! haha!
  2. One last ride in their old car seats before we replaced them with the convertible carseats that stay in the car!! How did they get so big?!
  3. Every night at the Tyler house. 🙂 Uncle Rich was over and unknowingly snapped this pic of us and texted it to me later. 🙂
  4. In Indianapolis!! We made it there all 3 hours in the car with only mama and now meltdowns without ever leaving the car. (Yes, I made sure I wouldn’t have to pee because then I would have had to get our giant stroller out of the back, put two babies in, walked into a place hoping it fit in a bathroom stall so I could pee! haha) Nope.
  5. My girls and boys! And Goose! haha
  6. New obsession – basketball!



  1. You’ll see a reoccurring theme here… daddy reads to the boys A LOT.
  2. Pretty sure this was the day the norovirus started. No liner on the changing pad because – POOP everywhere!
  3. Poor Micah man took it the hardest. He just walked around whimpering and holding his head. 🙁
  4. And if you can’t tell – we basically didn’t get out of pajamas for a week.
  5. Sweet boys fell asleep nursing – they were feeling so crumby. 🙁
  6. More pajamas. More bedhead. More poop. (not pictured.) haha



  1. This dude figured out how to ask to be picked up and did a lot of that when he was feeling icky.
  2. Cuddles with dad make everyone better. xo
  3. Starting to feel a little better!
  4. And then the HIVES came… oh my gosh. Poor Micah! Thankfully they didn’t seem to bother him and doc said they were tied to the virus. What!
  5. My love bugs.
  6. Valentine’s Day – the most romantic one ever! hahaha. The tail end of 9 days of norovirus in our house and we were happy just to be showered and sitting on the couch together! LOL



  1. We have our happy babies back!!!
  2. Goofballs drinking their bottles.
  3. Chloe will sit with Gabe and chill, but if Micah comes near her she is gone faster than you can say “RUN!” haha
  4. This is Micah’s whining face. If you catch him and say he’s faking it or tease him – he tries not to laugh and whines harder (pictured here). haha.
  5. They love these little cars from Melissa & Doug and love to make car noises to accompany them. Soooo cute.
  6. Eating is this guy’s happy place.



  1. The weather started to turn and we got our butts outside!!! Here we are at the zoo when the guys tagged along to an engagement shoot with dad while I went and did the session!
  2. Everyone was healthy (i.e. no longer contagious) and Nana is here!!!!
  3. Starting to try walking more and more on his own! Go Gabriel, Go!
  4. Sunny day in the backyard! We need to get more sun hats for these two!
  5. More hanging out with Nan. Love this pic. 🙂
  6. Please don’t leave Nana!!!! This was the scene as she drove away. Oh my gosh. haha. So sweet.



  1. The weather continued to be awesome and we got our butts outside!! Complete with new walking shoes! (Stride Rites – that they have ALREADY outgrown! What?!)
  2. They love the swings. Micah shows his love by being totally zen. Gabe shows it by laughing. 🙂
  3. Dude enjoys sitting in things – wagons, boxes, whatever!
  4. Never has anyone looked so cool while eating Cheerios and banana before. 😉
  5. More books with daddy!
  6. So proud to have stolen his brother’s lovie and standing on top of our sample albums (which are super sturdy – obviously)!



  2. Happy babe! Getting so tall!
  3. A GORGEOUS bouquet by The Petal for our Lighting Workshop!
  4. We seriously can’t get enough of this wagon. For real.
  5. Thanks Amanda for snapping this behind the scenes of me documenting the styled shoot at our workshop! 🙂
  6. Pile on in – mama is driving this time! haha. They weren’t fans.



Then we ran full speed into their birthday month… MARCH! Happy Wednesday, loves! 🙂


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