April Tidbits ~ Life Behind the Scenes ~ Babies Weeks 4 – 7

I’ve fallen way behind on these posts because life is moving at a million miles a minute and just got extra busy with the start of wedding season – but I don’t care!! I feel this need to keep up with these posts now especially that we have the boys and so I’m posting this no matter how late it is! haha 🙂 It was crazy looking back at these photos from April and seeing how different the boys look already in just a month or two’s time!

I’m trying to remember what April looked like for us and honestly, a lot of it now feels like a blur. I thought for sure I’d remember everything because I felt like I could in that moment – but now that we’ve experience so many new milestones with the boys in the months since – I can barely remember what happened in April! So I decided I’ve got to get my butt into gear and post these when they are due – not months later! That way I’ll have the memories fresh in my mind to share. Thankfully I have photos to help me remember… and so here we go!

Here’s a look at what weeks 4-7 of the boys’ lives looked like around the Tyler house, including some of the hardest days (ahem, nights) we’ve had so far (I think) as they transitioned from newborns (who sleep/poop/eat around the clock) to babies (who don’t sleep so easily, or at least need a little more help in that department). 🙂 Looking back at these photos feels like a lifetime ago!

  1. April 1st – our first wedding back (a momentary break from our maternity/paternity leave) and we had our dear friends, Lauren & Erin, watch the boys – and crazy Chloe!
  2. Chloe started to ease into the transition (she was a little overzealous at first!) and started to quietly lay by the boys. It was so sweet!!
  3. Gabe had a rough go of it for a while there. Oh man. He was supremely fussy, including some wicked witching hours from 6-8 weeks or so. Poor guy.
  4. We dealt with the stress of the fussy stage by taking some LONG family walks that usually included a stop at the local Starbucks for Chai lattes.
  5. They started to get more and more alert and look more and more like BABIES (not just tiny old men newborns). haha



  1. James had the magic touch with Gabriel during these weeks. He would hum hum hum with the little guy on his chest and he’d finally settle and sleep.
  2. Four weeks old here and eating his brother’s ear? Telling his brother a secret? Who knows! haha
  3. I tried everything to get into some kind of bedtime/night routine that would settle the boys and it never worked this early on. haha. Gabe did love baths though, but it didn’t help him realize it was bedtime! Oh well.
  4. Chloe is on duty again.
  5. Chloe is exhausted from being on duty. haha
  6. I can’t get over how little they are here! They both don’t fit like this anymore! I was exhausted, as you can see, but so happy.



  1. The name of the game was napping on Boppies back then. I know I know, they say DO NOT SLEEP on the Boppy!! But what the heck are they for then?! They fit newborns and all tiny babies do at that age is sleep! haha
  2. We had a wicked cold snap for a few days in April, but I didn’t even mind because it meant I got to whip out these adorable hand-me-down bear snowsuits for the boys to wear on our walks!! I MEAN. SERIOUSLY.
  3. Gabe – such a solid day napper!
  4. Nana came to visit a lot, which everyone loved, including Chloe! (Maybe Chloe most of all?! haha)
  5. Call me maybe?
  6. TOES.



  1. That time I decided I just could not handle sleeping on the couch anymore and moved up into our bedroom, attempting (for the first time since our first night home) to have the boys sleep in bassinets. This time I had them on the floor by my bed. Hint: They did not sleep well. James & I did not sleep well. We didn’t do it again. haha
  2. Recovering from a bad night of bassinet sleep with Dad.
  3. Micah man’s procedure at Lurie Children’s. Hopefully the only time we need to ever go there.
  4. Followed up the day at the hospital with a trip to Revolution Brewery, as you do when your babies are so teeny they sleep through everything and are happy to stay in car seats.
  5. How tiny were they?! I mean, seriously. I can’t get over how they used to fit in my arms like this. I miss it.
  6. Five weeks old! What?!



  1. The amount of hand holding photos I have of these guys is crazy. They loved to hold hands. My heart could explode!
  2. Typical day at home. haha.
  3. Cozy twin cuddles.
  4. Twin-momming at its finest. When you run out of hands… use your feet!
  5. Teeny babes.
  6. Co-sleeping because mama needs sleep and so do the babies. I never thought I’d do this, nor did I plan to do it – but it saved me.



  1. Baby toesies. And stripes!!
  2. Witching hours continue = baby wearing like crazy at night! At least I managed to make dinner that night too!
  3. Went for a walk with the boys and desperately had to pee… managed to squeeze the stroller into a handicap stall at a city park. It was disgusting, but I was so thankful for handicap accessible things because it means I can fit the stroller in. Thank goodness!
  4. Boys snoozing with their daddy.
  5. Uncle Will came to visit easily during the boys’ worst weeks (sooo fussy, refusing to sleep at night, witching hours, etc) and he was so incredibly helpful. I’m not sure he’ll recognize the happy version of these babies when he sees them next week!!
  6. Beer and bottles – more early dinners out!



  1. Bouncer chairs for the win. These have saved us during many a meltdown!
  2. Gabriel straight chillin in the bath.
  3. Mom friend meet up!!! My lovely ladies who also went through IVF all came over with their babies – 6 between 4 of us (!!!) – and caught up on life and babies.
  4. More naps with and on dad!
  5. These guys mean business!! haha
  6. They finally started to pay attention to books!



  1. Cuddle bugs.
  2. Seven weeks post-partum, our first date day and I managed to squeeze into my pre-pregnancy clothes!
  3. Dating!
  4. Eating and dating!
  5. Then we came home to one super stressed out Gabriel who had refused to nap while we were gone, and immediately buried his face in J’s chest when we got home and passed out! Awww
  6. My best friend brought her family down to visit and the cuteness was overwhelming!!



It is so crazy looking back at this time because it really was really hard when we were in it! I remember the day my friend came to visit at the end of the month was the first time we managed to have the boys nap upstairs and they slept independently for 3 hours straight! It was so crazy and new to us, and also a big turning point for all of us. So if you’re in the thick of this with your twins right now – know that it will get better!! Hang in there and do your best to enjoy the teeny baby stage while you can! xoxo

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