The Waiting Game ~ Pregnancy Update ~ Our Infertility Journey

I am officially 35 weeks and 4 days along in this pregnancy and our little Tyler boys could arrive anytime now! We have no more ultrasounds scheduled and from now on we are just checking in with our OB weekly and doing non-stress tests at the hospital to monitor the boys two times a week. It is such a weird place to be… waiting on their arrival for (what feels like) such a long time – given the uncertainty of twin pregnancies!! Normally a “due date” is relatively accurate, though in this case we’ve been told to be prepared for them basically anytime mid-to-late in my 3rd trimester. Because of that – we finished all the “must do” things done on our to-do list weeks ago, and are now focusing on the “we probably should do this” things as well – because any mental distractions are good at this point, and let’s be real – those things probably won’t get done once the boys are here!

I have also officially hit the HUGE point in this pregnancy. While my body has somehow remained mostly the same – my stomach (obviously) has NOT. James took a photo of me at the doctor recently that actually kind of shocked me with how big my stomach was! At this point I am well aware my stomach will never be the same, and I am more than okay with that. I’d rather finally get to be a mama than have amazing abs any day! And at least they make some stylin’ one-piece swimsuits now a days, right?! The stretch marks held off for soooo long and suddenly in the past few days they are coming out in force! All the oils and lotions in the world could not stop these bad boys! It’s gotten to the point where it hurts to stand because the pulling on my stomach is just a bit too much. haha. I feel as though my skin is being ripped from the inside out (probably because it is) and in general feel sooo much better in a slightly reclined position where the boys can sit a bit higher up in my stomach than they do if I’m standing. All of this is to say, I suppose, that I’m quite amazed by what my body has managed to do this pregnancy so far. I really wasn’t sure for a while there if I would make it to this point in pregnancy with the boys, and am not going to lie – I’m pretty damn proud of how far I’ve come!! Now… is it wrong to say I’m ready for them to show up already?!

If you follow me over on Instagram, you saw my latest update – and that is that at our last ultrasound on Friday they were both continuing to measure ahead of schedule and are already 6 lbs each according to their estimations. (Obviously these aren’t always spot on… but I wouldn’t be surprised if this is accurate because – I mean – I can feel them in there and they sure feel like 6 lb babies!! haha) The doctor joked that now is when I start to pray for them to show up anytime. haha.

I get asked a lot when my due date is, and truthfully – it’s kind of irrelevant in multiple pregnancies, other than to use as a marking point for the weeks. My doctors won’t allow me to go past 38 weeks for the safety and health of myself and the boys – so the latest I would have them is sometime between March 10-12th depending on my doctor’s availability if we need to induce labor. 37 weeks is technically full term, and realistically – anytime between now and then would be A-OK with me for them to show up since they are growing and measuring so well!

James has officially stopped sleeping and is walking around with a big ol’ goofy grin on his face. It’s safe to say we are SO EXCITED to finally meet these boys and just wish we knew when that would be! We are continuing to pray on the daily for a healthy remainder of my pregnancy and that labor goes well and we get to come home with two healthy boys and a healthy mama. I’m so thankful for all of your support and love through this journey… I honestly cannot thank you all enough. It has been such a rollercoaster the past 6 years of this journey, and even more so once we finally started to see the fertility doctors in 2013. There is no doubt in my mind that choosing to openly share our journey was one of the best decisions we’ve made – because I can’t imagine having done any of this without the constant love and support from soooo many amazing people. My heart could just burst from all of it!!!

It is hard to believe we were transferring these two little dudes as itty bitty blastocysts back on July 7th and now (God willing) we are about to meet them, hold them, and love on them. It is all so surreal and we are just over the moon as we await their arrival.

(Here’s a little glance back at my progress month by month!! The funniest part is I totally thought I had a bump in the first couple of photos of my stomach here! HAHAHA)

Twin Bump Photo Progress by Christy Tyler Photography_0001Twin Bump Photo Progress by Christy Tyler Photography_0002

(And I’m not going to share the most recent one James took of my bare belly at the doc, because it even scared me and I’m used to seeing this huge thing! haha)


We will of course keep you all posted on progress and if you want to stay up to date on the regular – make sure to keep up with me over on Instagram for the daily overdose of bump photos and everything else. haha. Happy Monday, all! XOXO


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