Stitch Fix Review ~ Maternity Edition (30 Weeks with Twins)

Alright, friends!! It’s that time again – Stitch Fix review maternity edition!! I need your input on this one – big time! I’m kind of at a loss for what to do! I requested pieces that would transition well from maternity to postpartum for nursing and lounging and who knows what! So some of these pieces are maternity wear and some could work for both.

Right now I’m just over 30 weeks along in my pregnancy. I get lots of questions about how long I think this pregnancy will go – so I’ll clarify here!!! The average twin pregnancy length is 35 weeks. That means we could go anytime in the weeks before or after that. Our actual due date is March 24th (40 weeks), but our doctor won’t let me go past 38 weeks (March 10th) because many more complications can arise after 38 weeks with twins. Basically, the goal is to get to 37 weeks (March 3), which is full term! SO… that being said – at most we have about 6-7 weeks left (say WHOA), and possibly less than that if I go closer to the average twin pregnancy. That being said… getting actual maternity wear right now feels a little silly or wasteful given that for the next month or two I plan to be lounging at home, resting, and nesting in preparation for the boys! We finish our work commitments for the year this week – so I don’t need clothes to get me through days at the office like most people would, or for shoots or anything.

So – that being said… I give you this month’s Stitch Fix!! Let me know what you think, friends!!


Piece 1: Rune, Kiley Maternity Ankle Zip Legging

First Impression: I looove my first pair of Rune maternity leggings, so I’m sure I’ll love these!

Final Thoughts: The quality is fabulous (as always from this company!), but these are getting waaay tight on my belly at this point – and I still have 6-7 weeks of growth coming!! I don’t know if something like this makes sense postpartum? What do you ladies who know about that think? Can I fold the full panel down and have it work for later, or will I want the full panel post delivery?

Stitch Fix Maternity Review by Christy Tyler Photography_0001


Piece 2: Daniel Rainn, Aldon Henly Maternity Blouse

First Impression: Cute pattern & will transition well into spring and postpartum, I think!

Final Thoughts: I actually didn’t even think this was a maternity shirt until I just looked at the information they sent me to find the name of the top and saw it was! haha! I think it will be nursing friendly – since it unbuttons down the front – so that’s a plus! I don’t know – thoughts?

Stitch Fix Maternity Review by Christy Tyler Photography_0002


Piece 3: Market & Spruce, Alma Long Sleeve Maternity Knit Top

First Impression: I love a cozy, long sweater, and am a sucker for neutrals.

Final Thoughts: I don’t know? Does something like this transition to post-baby with all the ruching and belly stuff? My only other thought is that there is still room to grow in this one so I might actually fit into it for another month or so, unlike most of my maternity shirts! haha

Stitch Fix Maternity Review by Christy Tyler Photography_0003


Piece 4: Mavi, Neil Open Cardigan

First Impression: This knit pattern is really not my jam.

Final Thoughts: Not loving this cardigan. Not super flattering, and just kind of … meh? This pattern makes me feel like I’m staring at one of those old tube TVs when the channel signal wouldn’t come in right!

Stitch Fix Maternity Review by Christy Tyler Photography_0004


Piece 5:  Loveappella Maternity, Christa Maternity Dress

First Impression: I’m a sucker for stripes & this looks super cute… not to mention the zipper detail on the back!

Final Thoughts: I think this is super cute & has lots of room to stretch and grow – but honestly – I have no idea when/why I would wear this in the next couple months, given the freezing temps and my plans to barely leave the house. I kind of want this dress in a non-maternity version for later! Is that an option?! haha

Stitch Fix Maternity Review by Christy Tyler Photography_0005


Alright – so what do you guys think?! Tell me if you think I should keep any of these pieces!! 🙂

If you’re interested in trying out Stitch Fix yourself – use this link:

Happy Monday, friends!! xoxo

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