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I didn’t realize this would be the case, but oh my gosh – it is sooo nice to have our own house to decorate for the holidays!! I’ve been bopping around from apartment to apartment since I was a sophomore in college (sooo… almost 15 years now??) and was never really able to fully decorate for the holidays. I had things here and there – but nothing really permanent or that necessarily made sense in the space – since it had to adapt from apartment to apartment and make it work in a new space each year. So this year when the holidays started to creep up on us, I got so excited about the idea of actually getting decorations I love and keeping them for years to come to pull out each Christmas to adorn our home! I’m pretty sure everything is just warmer and cozier with holiday decorations up – don’t you think?? I’d be happy to leave them up year-round if I could!! This year our stretch from Thanksgiving to Christmas seemed especially fast – so I may or may not be planning to leave these up a little extra long into January.

This year as we lead into the holiday week – it is much different than we anticipated given that James’ dear grandma passed away this past weekend. Since I can’t fly at this point in my pregnancy – he is heading down to South Carolina for a quick trip to attend her services on Christmas Eve. I’m already dreading him being gone, even just for a couple days and can’t wait to pick him up from the airport on Christmas morning and squeeze him so tight. It wasn’t exactly the Christmas we envisioned as we anticipate the arrival of our boys early next year… but life loves to throw stuff at you just when you think you’ve handled all you could for the year, doesn’t it? We are praying that 2016 is free from tragedy, heartache, and unexpected things like this – 2015 had plenty of that for two years worth, if you ask me. We are just praying for our family & friends to remain healthy, and for these little boys to stay nice and cozy – growing strong until we meet them in March. Praying. Praying. Praying.

Anyway – I wanted to share a little peek at our holiday decor before we sign off for a little holiday break.


Christmas Home Decor by Christy Tyler Photography_0001Christmas Home Decor by Christy Tyler Photography_0002Christmas Home Decor by Christy Tyler Photography_0003Christmas Home Decor by Christy Tyler Photography_0004Christmas Home Decor by Christy Tyler Photography_0005Christmas Home Decor by Christy Tyler Photography_0006Christmas Home Decor by Christy Tyler Photography_0007Christmas Home Decor by Christy Tyler Photography_0008Christmas Home Decor by Christy Tyler Photography_0009Christmas Home Decor by Christy Tyler Photography_0010Christmas Home Decor by Christy Tyler Photography_0011Christmas Home Decor by Christy Tyler Photography_0012Christmas Home Decor by Christy Tyler Photography_0013Christmas Home Decor by Christy Tyler Photography_0014Christmas Home Decor by Christy Tyler Photography_0015Christmas Home Decor by Christy Tyler Photography_0016Christmas Home Decor by Christy Tyler Photography_0017Christmas Home Decor by Christy Tyler Photography_0018Christmas Home Decor by Christy Tyler Photography_0019Christmas Home Decor by Christy Tyler Photography_0020


I hope you all have a beautiful week and cherish each moment with those you love. I know of so many having a hard time right now… mourning the loss of a loved one, yearning for a child that they’ve been praying for for years, missing family & friends, and more. It can be such a beautiful time of year, but is also full of difficulties and heartache for many. I’m thinking of each one of you – however you are feeling this holiday season and praying that you find joy in the little moments and hope in the New Year. I know we will be doing the best we can to soak it in and appreciate each minute together. XOXO

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