Happy Halloween from Chloe!

We actually don’t have a wedding today and are at home relaxing with no plans for an entire weekend for the first time since May!! I cannot believe how quickly the year has flown between now and then – and how needed this quiet weekend at home was for us. Since we’re home, this is a rare Saturday post I’m sharing… because, you know what time it is!!! HALLOWEEN!!! Or as we call it in the Tyler house… the one time each year we dress Chloe up in random stuff we find around the house to make her a “costume”!! haha 🙂 This year, her interest in my new hat made this costume an obvious choice!!! 😉

I give you – Indiana Jones… err, Chloe!


Dog Halloween Costumes_0003Dog Halloween Costumes_0004Dog Halloween Costumes_0005Dog Halloween Costumes_0006


We bought way too much candy this year because we figured we’d get a ton of trick-or-treaters, given that we now have a house and our own front door… but alas, so far not a single trick-or-treater has come to our door – and I haven’t seen one even walking outside either!! What the heck?! Maybe it’s the rain and temps in the 40’s, but I sincerely hope some kids show up at some point – because we have WAY too much candy otherwise!!

I hope you all have a safe and fun Halloween!!!

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