When it Rains – It Pours (In the best kind of way) ~ Life Lately

Oh, friends. This July has been INSANE!! Insane – I tell you!!

Here I thought June would be our busy month (although it most definitely was) – life lately is definitely taking the cake! Wow. Along with keeping up with running this business of ours (emails, timelines, budgets, spreadsheets, non-stop weddings & shoots, and all the pretty things I’m editing behind the scenes) – we’ve been in the process of buying our first home, doing another round of IVF (which takes lots of time/appointments), and heading out for lots of meetings with potential 2016 clients as well!! Honestly, I could use approximately 24 more hours in each day (haha) – but I am most definitely not complaining. Life feels a little surreal lately and I wouldn’t complain about it for a minute. We are SO grateful for the blessings and opportunities we have and instead of ever feeling overwhelmed by our plates being so full… we are so very thankful for the extra helpings.

(Even if it makes me feel a little like Bella (the adorable dog) looks in this photo!!! haha!)




I have so many beautiful weddings and one seriously adorable family (see above!) coming to the blog in the next couple weeks, as well as an update on our fertility journey – so hang in there!!!

Happy Wednesday, loves! XOXO

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