Mindi + Aaron ~ Chicago Lincoln Square Wedding Photography

Oh where oh where do I start with these two?! I could mention that we have not-so-secret hopes of buying our first home in the same neighborhood that Mindi & Aaron live in so that we can be lifelong friends & neighbors whose kids grow up together… Or I could start at the beginning and tell you about the amazing inquiry email Mindi sent me a year ago spilling her heart to me about her love for Aaron, and how excited they were to welcome their first child into the world! I could tell you about how after Isaac was born we finally managed to meet-up for coffee to chat – with a few months old little Ike snoozing away on Mindi’s chest – and that the time flew by so fast because it felt like I was talking to a long lost friend, not someone I just met! I could tell you about the sweet emails Mindi has sent me over the past year, cheering James and I on in our journey to have our first child, and how much they meant to me. I could tell you all this and so much more – but (surprise!) this post is not about my love for these two…  it is about their love for each other. 🙂

Anyone who has seen Mindi and Aaron together knows they are exactly where they are meant to be. Life has taken them together and apart and back again, and brought them the blessing of their lives, little Isaac. They have been through so much together, and are stronger and more in love than ever. Seeing them together… how at ease they are… how happy they are… how they look at one another – it is so obvious to anyone around that they are perfect for one another. Witnessing their families and friends come together to celebrate these two at their beautifully low-key Lincoln Square wedding celebration was such an honor. And I just have to say – there was no sound system or microphones at their intimate reception, but when their best man and maid of honor stood up in the middle of the cocktail party to say a few words – the entire room stood at attention – watching and so intently listening to the words these two had to say about Mindi and Aaron. Do you know how rare it is for people to sit so quiet and listen at a wedding reception to toasts…? Let alone to toasts said in a large room with no speaker system? I remember thinking in that moment – as I spun around to snap photos of all their loved ones standing at attention – how much Mindi and Aaron mean to all of those people. It was so obvious throughout the day, and especially in that moment. It was a beautiful thing to see, and it came as no surprise – seeing how quickly I realized what amazing people these two are and I’ve only known them for a year!

Mindi & Aaron – Thank you SO very much for coming into our lives, and for allowing us to be along side you on this very special day in your lives. What a perfect day it was, and what a beautiful continuation of your love story. I hope these pictures fill your hearts and bring smiles to your faces for a lifetime to come! We love you guys! xoxo ~ Christy & James



Such a beautiful, beautiful day!!! Congratulations again, you two!!! XOXO


~ Vendor Love ~

Hair & Makeup: Tricia Clarke

Florist: Anthony Gowder Florists

Church: Luther Memorial Church of Chicago

Venue: Dank Haus

Caterer: Big Star

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