Our 6th Anniversary ~ I Choose You

I honestly cannot believe that our wedding was 6 years ago (tomorrow, May 23rd)! Sometimes it feels like we have grown so much in the past six years that our wedding day feels like a lifetime ago. Other times it feels like we still have those excited butterflies in our stomach like we did as newlyweds – and it feels like our wedding day was yesterday. I think both of those feelings are good things. How much we’ve grown, and how much we still love right where we are.

Given what we do for a living, James and I have a lot of time to think about marriage (and weddings) and talk about it together. Every weekend when we join couples to document this incredibly important day in their lives – we are reminded of our own wedding day. We know that excitement. We know how quickly the day flies by. We know the stress and all-encompassing craziness of planning it all. But we know one thing our couples don’t… We’ve come out the other side… so we know there is SO. MUCH. MORE. after that day.

I talked about this at our recent workshop and I was a little surprised when it brought me to tears. I told the ladies who attended the workshop that so much of how we run our business and manage our clients’ experience is based around the idea that while the wedding is such a beautiful and important day – what is even more important is the marriage that follows. We want to remind our couples that it isn’t about the details, the place cards, or the favors… that it isn’t even about the wedding. It is about a marriage – and a lifetime of little moments that follow. And most importantly – that the marriage should be even more beautiful than the wedding ever was.

I feel like marriage gets such a bad rap sometimes, when in reality – I truly think it is one of the most amazing things we do as humans.


Marriage is choosing every single day to show up and be better for someone else.

Marriage is in the way you fit into that little crook in between their neck and shoulder just right when you curl up on the couch to watch movies together.

Marriage is waking up early (when you’d rather sleep in) to make your love breakfast.

Marriage is saying “yes” when you really feel like saying “no.”

Marriage is remembering that one thing that makes your love smile and bringing it home for them (even if that one thing is just a Kit Kat bar).

Marriage is communicating, and saying “I messed up”… or even harder, “You were right.”

Marriage is trying your best to be a better version of yourself than you were a year ago, a month ago, and one minute ago.

Marriage is laughing until tears are streaming down your face – hanging onto each other as you buckle forward in laughter so hard you can’t even hear it.

Marriage is crying happy tears together when that moment you’d been hoping and praying for for so long finally comes true.

Marriage is holding the other up when they cannot stand… when the pain and disappointment is too much for them to keep it all together.

Marriage is getting up day after day, even when things feel so hard you aren’t sure you can get out of bed.

Marriage is giving your 10 millionth foot massage because you know your love had a difficult day.

Marriage is ordering your love’s favorite carry out when they’re so sick they can’t manage to get off the couch.

Marriage is driving miles upon miles because you know your love much prefers to be the navigator with snacks in hand.

Marriage is talking late into the night over drinks about how far you’ve come, and all the dreams you have for how far you have yet to go.

Marriage is so many beautiful things (that sometimes may not look beautiful on the outside – but in reality, they really are). More than anything marriage is a choice to show up for another person every. single. day.




So on this day, James, as we approach our 6th wedding anniversary – I want you to know that I choose you. Today. Yesterday. Tomorrow. Everyday. Always.

I choose you over and over and over again. Because I would rather have a million of our most difficult days together, than one perfectly sunny day without you.

Yesterday I was reading through our vows that we have printed and hung on our wall, and couldn’t help but think of all the ways in which we’ve experienced them already, in even just these 6 short years… and all the ways I’m sure we will continue to experience them in the years to come. Times of plenty. Times of Need. Sickness… Health. Failure… and Triumph. Through all of it – we always reach towards one another to celebrate the beauty in the joys, and find the silver lining in the disappointments. Always grateful that we have one another to lean on, laugh with, and walk this crazy journey hand in hand.

So today, I promise all of this to you again, and again, and again. Happy Anniversary, love. I am so blessed to call you mine.

I, Christy, take you, James, to be my husband;

To be my lifelong friend, my love, my confidante, and the father of our children.

I will be yours in times of plenty and in times of need,

in sickness and in health, in failure and in triumph;

I promise to cherish you and respect you all the days of my life.

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