Birthday Love for the One and Only: James!!!

James – I honestly can’t believe 8 years have flown by since I first met you!!! I look back on the first birthday I ever celebrated with you – surrounded by your friends out to dinner just a few short weeks after we met – and I really had no idea how my life would change from that spring forward. (I mean, look at us! Just babies at your 29th birthday party!)




It never ceases to amaze me how much we have been through since then, and how much more I love you now than I ever did before (and more than I ever realized was possible)! Every day with you is a blessing and I am forever grateful that you came into my life. You constantly have me striving to be a better person, and are always challenging me to think about life in new & different ways.

With your birthday approaching, I got to thinking about what I wanted to write you today – and the truth is that I could go on for days and day and pages and pages about all the reasons why you’re the best – but I thought for a change – I could ask other people to share what they love about you too!!! I know how you love to do the “one word description” thing – to take stock of your life… to see how far you’ve come and where you can improve (because that’s how you are – always striving to be a better friend, brother, and husband). You’re such an inspiration to me and I know you are to everyone whose life you touch as well…

So today I’m asking all you lovely people out there who know and love James to leave a comment on today’s post with one word you’d use to describe James and a little bit about why you chose that word!! (If you don’t know him well enough to do that – feel free to just leave him some birthday love!!) I’d love for him to have all this love in the comments to read through and to know how very much he is loved and what an impact he has on this world and those around him.




And since I’m his wife and this is my blog (haha) – I get to use more than one word – because I just couldn’t narrow it down!!! So I’ll start us off with a few of words I think describe James and make him so freaking awesome.

Humble – Your humility never ceases to amaze me. You’re never afraid to take a step back and really think about things you’ve said or done, and to admit if you were wrong. There are honestly not many people I’ve met who are able to do that and it is truly something I admire most about you. It has taught me that I don’t need to be so darn stubborn, and that it is okay to admit a mistake and move forward with life trying to learn from it and be better because of it. You are also humble in your knowledge. You know that you don’t have the answers to all life’s questions, and you are constantly trying to expand your mind, and your knowledge of the world and its issues… growing, learning, and evolving each day into a better version of your prior self.




Strong – While you are humble, you are also strong. You know who you are and you don’t let people tell you differently. You are confident in the kind of person you have grown to be. You have taught me it is okay to be unabashedly yourself and to not have to apologize for that to anyone. You have taught me to be more sure of myself and inspire me to chase down dreams I never thought I had the strength to tackle.

Honest – You are honest in a way that most people no longer are. You tell people what you feel and those around you admire you for it. They come to you for advice because they know you will be straight with them and help them navigate difficult times. They know they can trust you and value your thoughts and guidance.




Loyal – When you love someone you love them ALL IN. It is obvious to anyone around that once someone has won you over – you wear your heart on your sleeve. You aren’t afraid to say “I love you” and you’ve taught me to share my love and loyalty more openly with those in my life as well!! I remember when we first met I was always so impressed that you always ended phone calls with your brother and close friends by telling them you loved them. I never did that at the time, and tended to keep things like that close to my chest. I’m so thankful you taught me to love openly and fiercely, and to appreciate each moment with the amazing people in our lives.

Playful – Oh my word are you PLAYFUL!!! You are one big ol’ kid and you aren’t afraid who knows it!!! haha!! You don’t care what people think or say – you believe we are here to LIVE, LAUGH, and LOVE – and oh do you show it! I used to get SO embarrassed by you acting like a goofball in public, and over the years thankfully I’ve learned to stop caring so much what strangers think about me. Why would we want to go through life uptight and worried about behaving in a certain way?! You’ve shown me that laughter really is the best medicine, and that you can brighten anyone’s day with a little conversation and a smile – even random strangers who cross our paths along the way.




James – I could go on and on with one million words to describe the truly amazing and inspiring person you are – but I’ll wrap it up here because I want to hear what others have to say. 🙂 I love you more than you will ever fully know and thank God everyday that you are the one I get to spend this precious life with. Here’s to another beautiful year together…  Yours always, Christy  xoxo

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