Neal + India ~ Chicago Skyline Proposal Photography

Proposals are seriously one of our favorite things to photograph!!! It is such a rush to get to be a part of this huge moment in couples’ lives, and to be in on a little secret leading up to it all!! I just love the excitement of it and we always have the best time!!

Neal was so on top of getting this planned and you could just sense his eagerness to get this moment just the way he wanted for his girlfriend, India!! She was in town visiting from Indianapolis, so we had a few dates to work with on when to have the perfect moment and location to propose. Thankfully, they had a long weekend of days to choose from, because our original date for it was Sunday – but it was forecast to POUR all day!! So Neal was flexible and we made it work Monday instead – on India’s last night in the city with him!

It was a chilly Monday evening – but it worked out perfectly that way because there was almost nobody at North Avenue Beach!! These two had the skyline view to themselves and it was a beautiful proposal!!




I mean, seriously… How cute are these two together?! Congratulations a million times over, Neal & India! It is obvious even having just met you two – that you are SO SWEET together and will have a beautiful life full of cuddles and laughter ahead!! xoxo

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