A House Divided ~ NCAA Championship

James and I don’t share any team alliances other than the Bulls… so we’re used to being on opposite sides when cheering on our teams.

He’s for the Carolina Panthers, I’m for the Packers.
He’s for the Cubs, I’m for the Brewers.
And most important for today’s big game – he’s for Duke, and I’m for Wisconsin. Ah!

(We were rather happy about the start of the Final Four on Saturday!! This is before we realized we’d be playing each other!! haha)




Normally our alliances don’t amount to much because our teams never play each other in BIG games… but obviously today, that all changes!! I’ve asked people for tips on how to handle watching a championship game when your spouse cheers for the other team – and most tips involved watching on separate levels of a house, or on different TVs – neither of which are options in our one TV, one level home! haha.

So we are watching the game together tonight and I really have no idea what to expect! James usually cheers for my team if his team isn’t playing because he knows how invested I get in the outcome of games. haha. But obviously – today will be different!

James claps REALLY LOUDLY, and I yell REALLY LOUDLY (& talk a lot). So this should be interesting! I’ve tried convincing him we deserve to win this championship because Duke always seems to be getting this far in the tourney, while the Badgers haven’t been to one since 1941!!! I mean – come on!!

So we’ll see how this goes!!! Wish us luck and ON WISCONSIN!!! 😉




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