Stitch Fix Review ~ Month 7

Hello friends!! I took a little break from Stitch Fix for a month or so because I felt like I was shopped out from the holidays and in that cold weather slump… and let’s be honest, I rarely get out of my comfy clothes during off-season in Chicago anyway because why would you?! But now that spring is officially on its way (hello 50 degree days this week!) – I was even more excited than normal to rip open my Stitch Fix shipment because I’m ready for some fun new spring finds!!

This month my stylist was Roseann (my grandma’s name, so I like her already!) and I think she did a fabulous job overall! Here’s what she sent!


Piece 1: La Made – Navy Ida Striped Shirt Dress

First Impression: Hello stripes! Hello dress!! This looked so cute right out of the box and I couldn’t wait to try it on!

Final Thoughts: I think I like it! It is the perfect length so I could wear this for work (especially spring meetings, workshops, and mentoring sessions), and I think it is really versatile! Thoughts?



Piece 2: Collective Concepts – Red Simpson Halter Top

First Impression: I loved the fun spring patterns and colors of this top (so bright and cheery!), but was worried it looked a little teeny when I held it up.

Final Thoughts: I’m so on the fence with this one! I want to love it because I adore the pattern, but I’m worried the fit is a little off. Too boxy? Too short? Thoughts?



Piece 3: TCEC – Grey Donelle V-Neck Button-Up Cardigan

First Impression: They must know I’m a sucker for a cozy cardigan!

Final Thoughts: This really fits perfect! I love that it is long but not too baggy or saggy, and I think it would work great as a cover-up leading into spring. What do you think?!



Piece 4: Papermoon – Dark Grey Andi Ikat Print Maxi Skirt

First Impression: Oh maxi skirts, how I love you, but never know how to wear you!! I loved this color and pattern, totally my style!

Final Thoughts: It fits perfectly (so far as I can tell), but I just never know how to wear these! I own plain black and plain navy maxi skirts nearly identical to this but never wear them because I’m lost on how to put something together with it. I think a baggy shirt left untucked looks frumpy, but a fitted shirt tucked in doesn’t work much better. Help! Keep? Send back? How do I wear this?! haha



Piece 5: Bay to Baubles – Venice Amore Bangle

First Impression: I’m not big on wearing words on myself, unless they are really special and something unique to me (like the perfect little monogram necklace of my grandma’s that I wear), so I was iffy on the “amore” bracelet upon opening it.

Final Thoughts: It’s okay (see first impression above), but don’t think it is really my style, and may be too big and easily slip off my wrist. Unless someone can convince me otherwise, I think I’ll be sending this back.



So there you have it!!! I’d say this month was an overall success!! What do you think?! What should I keep? What should I return?! And for those itching to try this service out for yourself – use this link! xoxo!

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