February 2015 Tidbits ~ Life Behind the Scenes

I’m trying really hard this year to be more conscious with my Instagram posts and not bombard people with 5 million photos of Chloe all in a row… haha… which means I have a LOT more photos I’m not sharing each month – which means a lot more photos for Behind the Scenes posts!! Now, if only I could actually remember to do these posts when each month ends and not a month later! 😉 haha. Anyway – let’s get right to here!! Here’s a look at our February. 🙂


1. Snoooowwww!!! (Back when it was still exciting! 😉 haha!) We hadn’t had much snow all year, and had a non-white Christmas – so I was stoked about a good old fashioned blizzard the weekend of the Super Bowl!!

2. Out exploring in the snow with James! haha – He doesn’t look too stoked about the crazy wind!

3. We had nothing to make (or drink) for the Super Bowl, so this guy walked to the store in this blizzard to bring back food to make taco dip and beer!!! I MEAN – REALLY – HUSBAND OF THE YEAR! 🙂 (Can you spot teeny tiny James in the middle of the street carrying bags of goodies?!)

4. Chloe was so excited she nearly took me out! 😉 haha

5. Chloe in the wild.

6. The drifts were crazy!



1. Scouting for our Valentine’s Proposal and it wasn’t look so pretty in the city! haha!

2. I did a Valentine’s Session for J with my dear friend, Jess!! It was surprisingly fun to be on the other side of the camera!

3. On our way out for a date night in the city – part of our new goals to try new things in the city this year!

4. Which in this case – was ice skating at the new Maggie Daley Ice Ribbon!!! Soooo fun, minus the part where I wiped out (causing James to wipe out) and got a not-so-fun concussion. haha.

5. Nurse Chloe looks after her mama.

6. My brain was tiiiiired after hosting another Beginner Photography Workshop!! (Turns out concussions take a while to heal?!)



1. I mean, seriously. This. Dog.

2. Checking in on how many winter pounds the pup put on using our Wii Fit! 😉

3. Bundled up to the max heading out for our Valentine’s Proposal in -15 degree temps!! AHH!!

4. Someone was extra tired after our Valentine’s proposal – even though she didn’t come! 😉

5. On our way to warmer temps in California!!! A nice little pre-flight lunch at O’Hare!

6. Settled into our AirBnB in Sausalito and adventuring in Muir Woods!!! (Soooo amazing.)



1. More San Fran adventures!!! James was not a fan of me getting this close to the edge of a cliff…. oops.

2. Rodeo Beach with my love! It was chilly and foggy – but we’ll take it! (Also – he likes to default to kissing me in pics instead of having to smile at the camera! Hmph!)

3. Walked our way to the Golden Gate Bridge and back! Gorgeous view!

4. Home again home again and loving on my pup pup!!!

5. Doing our civic duty and VOTING!!! 🙂

6. We took advantage of the tail end of off-season and headed up to Wisconsin to visit my parents – and my mom and I managed to put a puzzle together in a couple hours! Hoo-ah!!! 🙂



Stay tuned for a March tidbits post to come very soon – since it’s almost APRIL?! Sayyyy what?! xoxo!

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