James’ First Post!! ~ The Backup

Christy here! I was shocked yesterday when James said he was writing a post. I assumed he meant a post for Facebook (as he likes to do), and then realized that he meant for the blog!!! He had me read it over, and although I think he is being way too nice to me in this post, I agreed I wouldn’t edit it and allow him to share it as is. LOL. Also, I think I’d title this “Backbone” not “Backup” if it were up to me… because James is definitely not the backup… he’s the backbone of this operation, friends!

Anyway, without further ado … I give you James!!

. . . . .


I’m sitting here recovering from what I am guessing was the flu, and decided it was time that I make a formal introduction to you all.

So, hello, my name is James! I am “the backup.”


Just in case you are unfamiliar with me, I am Christy’s business and life partner (aka husband). As Christy is the true talent in our business and personal relationship, only I refer to myself as “the backup”. And why wouldn’t I? I mean, I married someone who challenges me on a day-to-day basis to be better than I was the day before. During which, we have a good time (most times) talking trash, exchanging laughs, and competing for the best “shot”… even though, she usually gets it. (Mostly, because she walks directly into my frame about a third of the time that we are shooting, but that’s between us!) 😉

I digress though! She has a way of making me do that (that’s how I know that I love her)!



I just would like you all to know that I am here to make sure everything goes right during our working relationships. See, I am not only Christy’s backup but yours as well! I love my wife, and our business, but the one thing I’ve always loved is helping others! So, when you need that guy to stand up and take charge of all the vendors at an event or just someone to hold your flowers, I’ll be there! You’ll recognize me standing right behind my Hall of Fame talent of a wife.

It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance, blog people! If this makes no sense, I reserve the right to blame it on the medicine and state that I was never here. 😉




**Christy here again… James is being WAY too modest in this post and to prove it – look for a “Best of James!” post from our 2014 wedding season coming soon! 🙂

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