Family Thanksgiving in Film 2014

I decided since I was in the middle of a TON of catching up on editing that this year I’d shoot our family Thanksgiving celebration and traditions on film instead of digital, so I could just mail it out and get the scans back and ready to share!! Obviously this was a bit tough, considering we were indoors (with mixed lighting) and often not enough light for film. As such, a few of these are a bit blurry and not the best ever – but I love the people in them, so I’m including them anyway! 😉

I give you – our family Thanksgiving… not all 60 members that attended this year are in the photos, but I did my best! (All photos shot on my Mamiya 645 and developed/scanned at Richard Photo Lab. Shot on a mix of Porta 800, Tri-X 400, and Ilford Delta 3200.)


(Using up the Tri-X 400 that was still in my camera on Thanksgiving morning, before switching to color film for the rest of the day!)


Before our 15th annual family turkey trot!! Chloe wanted a head start! 😉


Then we headed up to the local bowling alley for another family tradition!! I thought I’d try out the Ilford Delta 3200 for this since I knew it be dark, but it was reeeeeaaally dark! haha. Here are a few pics anyway! Grain, bad bowling alley lighting, blur, and all! 😉 lol



Love love love!! We headed back that same night for Bill and Ally’s wedding that was the next day (which you saw on the blog yesterday, and if you didn’t – I’d say get your butt over to that post and check it out!!), so we missed our annual theme party – but this year’s theme was U.S. Olympic Athletes. I saw the photos and it was phenomenal. I promise to document next year’s theme party!

Anyway, happy weekending everybody! James and I are heading to an exciting (I hope) meeting together this weekend and hope to enjoy some holiday fun in the city too! I’ll share more about all of it on the blog next week! xoxo

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