New York State of Mind

Well, it’s funny how when I pictured this trip – I thought it’d be spent relaxing and working from the airBnB I rented, mixed with a little socializing and some photo sessions… when in reality, so far it has been mostly running from session to session, spending a little time with my brother, and crashing from exhaustion at the end of the day! Ha! So this whole “I’ll catch up on work while I’m in NYC” thing isn’t really panning out – other than to post here to update you on my trip thus far! (Apparently editing and blogging actual sessions is going to have to wait until I return to the windy city.)

Anyway, after the last two days being packed full of sessions – today I’m spending the day with my brother wandering the city and shooting some street photography on black & white film! I’m pretty stoked about it! I’m also happy that it isn’t supposed to pour all day today like it did yesterday! I’ll take the cold with sunshine over a dreary, gray, rainy day – happily!!

And here is a little birdie photo to brighten your day – that I snapped on my way to the train station after sessions in New Jersey on Sunday!




Make sure to follow #ctptakesNYC on Instagram to keep up with the day to day happenings here! Happy Tuesday, friends!! xoxo (p.s. Call me a co-dependent baby, but I’m seriously missing James on this trip, and already vowing not to do anymore solo trips! I can’t help it!)

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