Life Lately, Workshop Extension, and 2014 Announcement

Wow, guys – I cannot believe Thanksgiving is less than a week away! Life just keeps flying past me and I cannot seem to get it to slow down! Anybody know any tricks for that?! Pretty sure since we started working solely for ourselves years ago time has moved at least 3x faster than for the rest of humanity. I’m just saying! Whew.

Anyway – I wanted to hop in here to give you guys some updates on life lately and share some info with you all as we near the end of our 2014 season!! So here we go!!


1) I’ve extended the early-bird rate for our workshop this March!! 

I’ve had quite a few of you reach out and say you wished the early-bird rate went through the holidays so you could do a little more finagling to get a seat as a holiday gift, or until you had your final payments come in from holiday sessions. SO – I’ve decided to extend the early-bird rate through JANUARY 1st!! Yeah!! There are just 5 seats left for the workshop – so make sure to take advantage of that early-bird rate while it’s still good! 😉 (There are also payment plans available – so make sure to reach out to me if you’re interested in that!)

If you’ve been feeling a little lost in this industry, not sure how to make this whole business & budgeting thing work, or overwhelmed by the thought of finally learning off-camera flash like you’ve been meaning to – you definitely need to bite the bullet and JUST COME! You’ve only got one life to live – so make the best of it and chase down your dreams! No excuses! I can’t wait to see who else joins us for what is sure to be another amazing couple days of real talk, open hearts, and an insane amount of content covered! xoxo!!



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2) We’ve officially closed our calendar for the 2014 season and are no longer taking on any new bookings for now through the New Year. (Of course we are still accepting inquiries for 2015 weddings & sessions, though!!)

This year (especially this fall) has been one of our busiest seasons to-date and after feeling like we’re losing sight of one-another as spouses (and have been for a few months now) – James and I have decided to not take on any new sessions through the holiday season. We somehow managed to book more than we originally meant to around the holidays – and after getting pretty run down from all of it thus far (including the fact that I’m now fighting my first illness of the year – this nasty head cold I brought back from NYC), having traveled all over for work the past couple months, and taking a last minute personal trip to be with family after my grandma passed away last month – we are ready for a moment of “pause” to bring each other back into focus, not to mention catch up on work in order to turnaround those weddings and sessions due back to our current clients.

We still have 3 weddings left to shoot, a handful of sessions, mentoring sessions, and one last commercial shoot between now and the New Year – so we most definitely still have our hands full, and intend to knock all those commitments out of the park by doing our very best work – which is easiest for us to do if we are living a more balanced and healthy life.

(Speaking of current clients – here’s a sneak peek from the wedding that will be coming to the blog Monday!)




3) I’m looking for any and all questions you have for FAQ posts this off-season, and/or any other things you’d love to hear me blog about!

Once things settle down a bit after the holidays and I have more time to focus on blogging – I’d love to answer any questions you guys have! I have a list I’ve accumulated over the year to touch on this off-season, but would love to hear your thoughts as well! Also – if there is a series I used to do – or things you’d like to hear more about in general – let me know that too!!

Below is a behind the scenes photos I snapped at a recent wedding – in preparation for a post I plan to write on tips for doing detail photos on wedding days!




Whew – I believe that is it for now! I’m nearly positive I had more points to make and things to chat about – but my current groggy medicine head is not helping my cause. I’m off to get some rest before a busy weekend ahead! Happy Friday, friends! xoxo

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