Pretty Pretty Albums!! ~ Leather Craftsmen Heirloom Wedding Albums

I realized it has been a while since I’ve posted any photos of albums we’ve been getting in (other than on Instagram)… and there have been some REALLY PRETTY ONES – so I had to share!!! I cannot emphasize enough how gorgeous these albums are in person, and how much better photos look in print than they do on a silly computer screen!!! Print your photos, friends! 🙂

All our albums are by the fabulous, Leather Craftsmen.


First up – Sara & Ryan’s beautiful album in taupe Japanese Book Cloth with gold imprinting in Modern font!



Next up are Ali & Ryan’s albums! They ordered one 12×12 album for themselves and three 8×8 albums for their parents!! These are perfectly classic in black leather and gold imprinting in Times font.



And last, but not least, is Valerie & Lukas’ stunning 10×10 album in ivory leather with gold imprinting in Modern font!



Now go print your photos, people! (Or contact us, and we’ll do it for you!) 😉 xoxo


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