Dana ~ Beautiful Session ~ Chicago Fine Art Portraits on Film

The thing I loved so much about the most recent group of Beautiful Sessions I did was that each woman wore what she was most comfortable in. I always emphasize to anyone who inquires that these sessions are not necessarily ‘boudoir’ photos… they can be whatever you want them to be! First and foremost, they are fine art portraits of women on film. Beyond that is up to you!

I’ve had women in next to nothing, women in silk robes and matching lacy underthing, women in pajamas bottoms & camisoles, women in maxi dresses, and women in jeans and t-shirts. Whatever is “you”… whatever you are comfortable in… that is what we can do! Beautiful sessions are all about you – being yourself – and being naturally beautiful. No need for excessive jewelry, shoes, or anything added – just you – as you are. I loved that I was able to really capture that with the diverse group of women I’ve photographed – and can’t wait to show more of that vision when I finally get this website up and running! 😉

In the meantime, here is a session a little different than what you might expect Beautiful Sessions to be… the gorgeous, Dana, in dresses and jeans & a plain white t-shirt. LOVE!

Here are some of my favorites (as I continue sharing these beautiful ladies in alphabetical order from my marathon day of Beautiful Session)!

Hair by the amazing Debra Petrielli and makeup by the super talented Anjelica Bannos!




I can’t wait to show the last three beautiful ladies’ sessions to you in the coming weeks!

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