Video Tricks with Vine + Adorable Kids ~ Chicago Summer Break Staycation

We are enjoying a little Chicago stay-cation with my sister and her family for a couple days this week and have been busy busy busy! (I am TIRED!) Yesterday we hit up the beach before the storms rolled in, had lunch on a patio, played in the park with some neighborhood kids, and made some fun videos while we waited for dinner to finish cooking!

All three of the kids are super into making videos lately, so I introduced them to the Vine app because I thought it would be the perfect little app for them to practice making videos and telling stories! Of course I couldn’t introduce them to Vine without introducing them to the king of Vine, Zach King! They were so amazed by his video tricks that they wanted to try some of their own! As we quickly learned while attempting these videos… it is SUPER DIFFICULT to make this stuff look even semi real! haha! Who knew?! 😉

We were pretty terrible at it initially but got better at it with each video and had the best time doing it!!! 🙂 If you want to see all our videos – check me out on Vine here (where I usually post pretty much 100% videos of Chloe, naturally)!

Here is the last video of the night that we did! I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it! haha


IMG 2823 from Christy Tyler on Vimeo.

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