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The hardest part about Beautiful Sessions for me is that when I get the scans back I just want to share them with the world! These women I am so blessed to work with are so stunning (even though most of them don’t realize it coming into the session!)  – that I just want everybody to see the photos and love on them! Obviously though, because of the nature of some of the sessions I don’t always get to do that because clients have different needs for privacy and so I’m only able to share those that they are comfortable with me posting online. Because of that – it can make it a little difficult to bring in more clients because those interested aren’t able to see what a full gallery from one of these sessions looks like, or see what it is all about.

So I’m going to write a post to do my best to tell you. 🙂

The reason why I named these Beautiful Sessions in the first place – is because they are so much more than a boudoir session. (I actually hate that word, and don’t really consider these “boudoir” sessions since they can fall all over the spectrum of women’s portraits, depending on the client’s preference.) But I can tell you this…

They are classy.

They are artistic.

They are shot on film.

They are beautiful.

They can be sexy (or as racy as you want them to be).

They can be done in a maxi dress… a camisole and boy shorts… jeans and a long-sleeved t-shirt… or pretty little lace underthings. Beautiful Sessions are done with natural hair, and makeup. They are done without shoes, and without strings of pearls or flashy jewelry. Beautiful Sessions are women as they are. Simply beautiful.

But more than anything for me, Beautiful Sessions are about helping women realize during the session that they are truly BEAUTIFUL as they are… right. now… in this moment in their lives. In every moment of their lives. Beautiful Sessions are about helping women to feel Beautiful, and when they receive the images – to SEE they are Beautiful.


A recent client said it best when she wrote me the email below that brought me to tears (if you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen this post over there)…

“First thought: Oh my gosh, I don’t hate the way that I look!


Second thought: Why am I crying?

All along I thought these were a gift for my husband, and as it turns out they were a gift for me, too. I love love love loveeeeee them, Christy. I love the grainy nature of some of them and the way you captured my, “bedside manner” if you will, in a natural, beautiful way…. I tried to pick a few favorites to tell you which I like best and got sidetracked because there is beauty in every one. I know this is dumb, but I hate the way that I look – and these didn’t hurt to look at because I didn’t see my flaws in them but rather saw what’s beautiful about me. I even like some of the imperfect ones where maybe there’s a bit of softness that didn’t use to be there… But I love it!

It’s real, and beautiful me. Thank you so much for this gift. I mean it…thank you.”


THIS. This is exactly why I started doing these sessions and why they fill my heart SO. I wish you all could see the transformation I see within these women when they come for these sessions! Each one comes in apprehensive and nervous about the session, and at some point in the session I see something flip inside them. I see how confident and amazing they feel, and I know they believe it. They walk out with their head held high and the biggest smile on their face!! It is the most beautiful thing to witness and I feel so blessed to be the one to help them realize it!! Anyway – I’m getting off track now – but you get the point!

If that description didn’t give you enough of an idea – here are some of the latest film scans we’ve gotten back that I’ve been okay’d by clients to share with you!




Love these ladies!!!

Also, I should note (in case you missed the announcement on Facebook!) that I’m doing a day of Beautiful Sessions AT COST (meaning the cost of film/developing/scanning/hair & makeup) on September 10th for those that are comfortable signing off on allowing me to use ALL the images from their mini-session on the blog/website/Facebook, etc! There is just ONE time slot left – so email me if you’re interested!!! (christy@christytylerphotography.com) xoxo

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