Exploring Chicago Botanic Garden ~ The Perks of Being a Team

Having a ‘work reason’ to take an afternoon with your love to explore the Chicago Botanic Garden is one of many perks that James and I like to take advantage of while running this business together!!! Many weekdays lately consist of a lot of computer time – replying to email, editing, ironing out details for our next commercial shoot, and everything else… so we jumped at the chance for a day of work out of the office! 😉

Stacy and Joe’s wedding at the Chicago Botanic Garden is just around the corner, and while I’ve been there before – James hadn’t and I needed a refresher on what is what and where everything is before we are time crunched on a wedding day! So we took yesterday afternoon to iron out all the details and scout locations for Stacy and Joe’s big day and while it was SUPER HOT (please don’t let it be that hot for their wedding!) – it was still wonderfully enjoyable to spend a quiet afternoon roaming with James amongst the beauty that is the Chicago Botanic Garden!

Here are some snaps we took along the way! (You’ll see James wore his Sunday best for our little excursion… 😉 haha. I’m not going to pretend we are one of those couples that looks fabulous in their perfectly primped and styled clothes all the time, because we are not! James will take gym clothes and Nikes any day over just about anything else, and I’ll take a comfy sundress and wet hair straight out of the shower! thankyouverymuch) But I digress… on to the pretty pictures! 😉




And now I’m seriously considering becoming a member so we can go back all the time!!!

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