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Well, before busy season officially takes off – James and I are headed out of town! My sister had the brilliant idea to do a “life swap” (as she called it)… and since our schedules managed to align for once – we took her up on it! 🙂

Basically, she and her husband will come to Chicago and stay at our place for a long weekend, enjoy the city, and a weekend without the kids… and James and I will head up to Madison and stay with the kiddos & dogs at my sister’s place! We’re all super excited about it – although I have to admit I’m a bit nervous about the drop-off & pick-up from school for all 3 kids, and running them to practices, etc! Responsibility! Ahhh! 😉

James and I plan on letting them do whatever they want, stay up all night, eat Easter candy all day, and basically run things. (Juuuuust kidding, Jenn! Calm down!) We can’t wait to have so much quality time with our favorite kiddos and enjoy a weekend away before life gets really crazy in the next couple weeks!




See you guys on Monday! Have a wonderful weekend! (And if you want to follow all the sure-to-be adorable adventures of our weekend make sure to follow us on Instagram at @christytylerphoto and @l2jchicity! Links to the left of this post!)


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