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You know how when kids are young we’re so good (or at least better) about documenting everything?! We document their 1st month, their first year, their first tooth, first day of school… and so on. But when kids grow up, head off to college, and move out – we are not nearly as good at continuing documenting our lives and families – unless a monumental occasion, like a wedding, comes along.

Over the holidays I got to work with two families who made a point to capture their grown-up families while all the kids were home for the holidays and in one place for a change! I know how rare this can be coming from a family of 5 kids that are scattered all over the place!! It is few and far between when we’re all together – but when it happens it results in a special kind of crazy-fun! 😉

I had the best time hanging out with these families and documenting their love!! It made me miss my siblings so much and anxious for the next time I’ll be together with all 4 of mine!

Here are a few of my favorite photos from these two awesome grown-up family sessions! 🙂


First up, the Mikita Family! (You may recognize Valerie from yesterday!)


Next up was Debbie’s family (my favorite hair stylist!!) – the Petrielli family!

I felt like I won a prize when we got their dad to laugh for a photo!!! 🙂 So much fun!


I love both these families!!! Stay warm out there fellow midwesterners! I’m hunkered down in the office this week working on lots of stuff behind the scenes (while wearing 3 layers of clothes! haha)!! 😉




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