Christmas-y-ness ~ Family Christmas 2013

James and I had a wonderfully relaxing Christmas back in Wisconsin with my family. There were lots of games, lots of bloody marys & Spotted Cows (beer, for those of you unaware of the amazingness that is New Glarus beer!), lots of laughs, lots of playing in the snow, and LOTS of food. Oh my gosh.

Here’s a compilation of “real” photos and iPhone photos from our time in Wisconsin (since I wasn’t about to attempt to take my big camera sledding)! Enjoy!


Christmas Eve we picked up my brother Josh from the airport in Milwaukee on our way home!! Chloe was even more excited than we were! 😉

More iPhone photos of our Christmas Eve celebration because I completely forgot to take out my camera until Christmas. (I’d say that’s a good problem to have!)

Josh was so excited about his gift – he’s a blur! Snow snow everywhere! LOVE IT. And these two cuddle bugs… always.

Gingerbread house my mom made with the kiddos!

Christmas morning! (We had to keep Chloe on a leash because my grandma isn’t exactly a “dog person” … haha …)

Josh got a Brewers sweatshirt …. and Chloe wanted it.

Yup, that’s Chloe’s butt sitting on my present that I had yet to open!

I’ve been living in that scarf (bottom right) since I got it!

Can you tell my Dad worked for Proctor & Gamble for most of his life? haha. The boxes we have in our basement… (and wrap presents in). 🙂

James and I took Chloe out to our family’s ski hill for a little run around before my sister and the kids arrived – in hopes of burning off some of her energy…

It turned out my uncle and cousin were there with their dogs – so Chloe got more than she bargained for! Snow dog play date!!

She ended up totally overdoing it and straining her tail! She was a whimpering/gimpy mess by Christmas night!  Her tail couldn’t even wag – it was the strangest thing. She slept for like 3 days after that and now is finally back to normal! (Apparently they call it Limber Tail Syndrome?!)

I guess if I sprinted up and down a hill chasing after a snowmobile, I might pull something too! 😉

Back home for more Christmas goodness!

An ornament my sister made!! (Check out her new business, Rosewood & Brass Restorations!)

Movies to wind down at the end of a busy day!

Cell phone selfies with the kids… haha.

The day after Christmas we headed back to the Ski Hill for more sledding and family fun!

Turns out that cell phones don’t stop action very well. haha. Here are photos of people hitting the jump on sleds!


A wonderful Christmas, indeed! 🙂 Everybody have a safe and wonderful New Year’s Eve tonight!!! James and I are off to shoot a proposal this evening!!! Yay!



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