October Rush ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer

It’s always interesting to me how our schedules play out each year. What our calendar looks like month-to-month is really dependent on what couples contact us and for what dates. If couples we love contact us all for the same month – then it just turns out that our month is filled up more than normal, and we just put our heads down and plow through!

I have a feeling that will be what this tail end of our wedding season will be like this year – since October & early November is pretty much non-stop for us! Today is the start of 4 weddings in the next 10 days, and 8 weddings + 9 sessions in the next month. Then we have a little 2 week break to catch up, before heading to Hawaii for our final wedding of the year over Thanksgiving! (Of course you know I built in Office Days & Days Off – but it will still be a little crazy!)

Strangely though, I always get really excited when I see months like this on the calendar because I know it is a bit like jumping off the high-dive…. There’s all this anticipation before it starts and you’re waiting at the edge to make the leap. But once you just go ahead and jump in – before you know it – it flew by and you’re back on land! I have a feeling that is what this next month will be like. This morning we’re waiting on the edge to get things started – but once we’re in it – it is just going to fly by in a flurry of meetings, sessions, and beautiful wedding days!

Here’s hoping for a wonderful month ahead – with gorgeous fall weather, happy people, and a grateful heart for having work we love to do, with couples we love just as much!!


(Starting today – with Sean & Trisha’s sure to be amazing wedding day!!)


Have a fabulous weekend everybody!!



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