Role Reversal ~ A Photographer’s Photo Shoot

Yesterday James and I got to do a little role reversal and were on the other side of the camera for a change!! We did our long awaited concept shoot with Caroline Ghetes – where we basically got to help her create photos she’s been dreaming up in her head for a while. (So cool!)

It was strange for me to understand how clients must feel before their sessions!! I was so worried about getting enough sleep to look rested… About not breaking out… About what to wear… About my hair & makeup… About… EVERYTHING.

Is this how you all feel before your shoots?! Ah! So exciting and so stressful! haha!

As it turns out Caroline is AWESOME, so kind, so humble, and so down to earth. She made us feel so at ease and we seriously had THE BEST TIME. It made me want to get on the other side of the camera more often! And it made us want to hang out with she and her husband more! 🙂

I cannot wait to see the photos!! (And now I know why you all are so antsy to get your photos back too! Patience is tough! haha)

In the meantime – here are some iPhone snaps from last night during & after our shoot!


Caroline found a killer location!

I love how the sun doesn’t even set over Lake Michigan and it is still somehow so beautiful at sunset!

After the shoot… and in the car on the way to the shoot!


I think it is pretty obvious we had an amazing time! 🙂



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