Workshop Summary & Retreat Anticipation ~ Lake House Photography Retreat

I realized the other day that I never did a summary of my Advanced Workshop!! I showed you guys all images from our styled shoot that was featured on Ruffled Blog… but that was it! Oops! Time started to fly after that date, and we rolled right into wedding season and so it totally slipped my mind. But now that we’re nearing the date for the Turning Tides Retreat – I’ve started thinking about the workshops I’ve done, what I shared with my attendees, and what I hope to be able to share/give to attendees of Turning Tides.

I just LOVE the opportunity to pay it forward and share any experience I have with others. I still pinch myself every day that James & I are living out this dream of ours, and if I can help even one other person reach their dreams – I will feel like I had some purpose in this crazy life!

So I’m excited to first chat a bit about my latest solo advanced workshop and then I have some thoughts I want to share about Turning Tides Retreat (as well as photos & exciting news) – so make sure to read on!!!


The Advanced Workshop took place back on April 6th and I had four amazing women come spend a full day with me talking all things business and photography. It was just the perfect amount of people to really be able to focus on each person in attendance and enough people for all of them to get to know each other and really connect throughout the day.



I was SO blessed that the women that came were all open, honest, vulnerable, and humble… so there were no fronts put up, no pretending everything was perfect or that any of us have it all figured out (including myself). We shared dreams and goals with each other. We shared why we do what we do. We shared our fears, and our hopes. There were tears shed, but not out of sorrow or fear, but instead out of being completely vulnerable and sharing our biggest dreams – and finally hearing them voiced out loud.



I love each and every one of these women that joined me for that day back in August and have loved seeing their business grow by leaps and bounds since that day – even in just a few short months!!! I feel so honored to have spent that time with them, and for them trusting me to help them on their path, and so thankful that they were so open and excited to learn & grow!




Looking back on that experience and how much it changed me, and how much I learned from it – and now looking forward to Turning Tides Retreat – I cannot wait to see what those 3 days in August will hold for all of us!!



I’m excited because I will still get to share a piece of myself with people, but will get to do so even more so than in the past. Because this won’t just be a day together… this will be DAYS together. And we won’t just be sitting through talks – we’ll have downtime between all of the learning/dreaming/pushing to have private conversations. We’ll be able to talk about things that might not come up during a presentation… but that might come up organically over a glass of wine at the end of a long day, or over s’mores at a crackling fire. We’ll have breakfast together, boat rides, swimming, learning, pushing, laughing, crying (I mean, it’s me – so I know this will happen), and growing through it all. I’m excited to learn about each attendee and help push them to be the best version of themselves and reach for the dreams they may have been to scared to really chase before. And I’m SO excited to learn more from my dear friends Jessica and Lauren. I can’t wait to sit in on their talks and hear what they have to share. I can’t wait to see them sharing themselves with those in attendance as well… all of us learning from each other.



I’m excited to share all of myself with those that attend. I can’t lie though and pretend it is all butterflies and rainbows over here… because I am actually super nervous and feeling even a little scared & too vulnerable… but I know those feelings are necessary to push us to be better and to do things we never thought we could. Those vulnerabilities and that openness allow us to let others in, to share our real selves, our deepest hopes & dreams, and to really help each other on this journey.



Just thinking about all of it … I almost can’t handle the anticipation! A month from today – we’ll be having our final breakfast at the lake house… talking about how we’ve changed and how this experience has moved us … we’ll be giving giant hugs to new, lifelong friends as the first annual Turning Tides Retreat comes to a close. I can’t fully wrap my head around all of it right now … but I do know it will be a life changing experience for me – and I. CANNOT. WAIT.



We still have a few seats available and in honor of the final day of the retreat being a month away – we’re giving $50 off a seat from now through Sunday. Are you ready to be open, vulnerable, and to finally chase those dreams you’ve been afraid to say out loud? Will you be there?

We can’t wait to meet you… share with you… laugh with you… cry with you… and to go through this sure-to-be life changing experience with you. xoxo



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Find out more information, details, and REGISTER HERE between now & Sunday to get $50 off your seat!

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