Greg + Jamie ~ Michigan Avenue Proposal ~ Chicago Proposal Photography

James and I were lucky enough to spend an evening documenting a huge moment in Greg and Jamie’s lives recently! After weeks of emails, planning, Google maps, and quite a few text messages the day of – the big moment had come… Greg was going to propose to his love, Jamie, off of Michigan Avenue in downtown Chicago! It rained off and on that day, but by evening the skies had cleared and it was a beautiful night in the city! Everything went off without a hitch, and the best part was after the proposal he surprised her with their families from out of town waiting for them at a nearby restaurant!

After the excitement settled and the tears were dried, Greg let Jamie know there was one last surprise – he had hired us to document the big moment! We snapped some joyful photos with their families and then headed down to the river walk to document these two just enjoying the moment. (And can I just say how ridiculously sweet together AND photogenic these two are?! Jamie has got the look down!! … you’ll see what I mean in a moment.) 😉

Anyway – enough chatter from me – enjoy this beautiful Chicago proposal! Congratulations Jamie & Greg!!


I love seeing random people’s reactions as they realize what is going on next to them!

Then they walked over to the restaurant where Jamie thought they were meeting a friend, only to find their families waiting out front! Then she froze/freaked out and it was awesome.

And then she made me cry…

And everybody cheered… 🙂

(Here’s Greg telling her that we were photographing the whole thing… haha. Love everyone’s faces!!)

These two! Seriously?! Gorgeous.

Jamie you are just stunning…


Congratulations again you two!!! And Happy 4th of July everybody! (We’re working today and prepping for a double-header wedding weekend, but planning to take an extended lunch to BBQ if we can manage it!!)

Have a wonderful long weekend everybody, but don’t forget to tune in tomorrow for another blog post!



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