Krystal + Mark ~ Millennium Park ~ Chicago Anytime Session

I really can’t believe how time has flown, because as I was chatting with Krystal and Mark during their session we realized that this August we will have known each other for 3 years already! It seems like just yesterday we met at our mutual friends’ wedding in Houston. (Hi Anne & Michael!) Krystal was a budding photographer and was anxious to chat all things photography with me (which I gladly did – because you know I can chat about photography all day long!) while we sipped on champagne late into the night at Anne & Michael’s wedding reception.

Thankfully because of Facebook we’ve been able to keep up with each other since then – and I have been SO STOKED to see Krystal’s photography business grow from what it was back in 2010 to what it is now! It has been amazing to see her work just continue to blossom with each shoot she does. Suffice to say – I’m so proud of this girl!!!

So, naturally, I was pretty stoked when she told me that she and her hubby, Mark, were planning to take a little vacation to Chicago without their kiddos. Just the two of them – living it up in the windy city… and even better, she wanted to see if I could squeeze in a session with them while they were here! Of course I said yes! That being said – when the day of the session came I was actually pretty nervous! haha! There’s something about another photographer hiring you to take photos of them that makes you a little more nervous than normal…. am I right?

But it turns out that I had nothing to be worried about – these two are ridiculously sweet together and so in love (which I already knew) – and they made my job seem like a cake walk! 😉

Here are some of my favorites from their anytime session in Millennium Park!


Krystal!!! Just stop… 🙂

!!!! Look at that mama of 2!!! Whew!


Love these two!!! And love that they made getting photos of just the two of them a priority!! Yay!!!



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