You Make Me Better ~ 4 Years

Today I celebrate 4 years of marriage with my love…

I don’t know how on earth time has flown the way it has – but they always say “Time flies when you’re having fun” – so it must be a good sign, right?! Anyway – I wanted to dedicate this blog post to James (obviously) and to use it to write him a letter that I’d be A-OK with the whole world seeing (because you all should know he’s the best too)!




I have difficulty remembering the woman I was before I met you. It feels like I’ve always been this way – but I know that isn’t true, because you’ve made me a better version of myself than I was when I met you.

Witnessing the amazing man, husband, uncle, brother, and friend you are day in and day out has taught me to also be better, or at the very least to try.

Because of you…

I am more confident.

I believe in myself in ways I never did before.

I am slower to anger.

I am more grateful for the life I am blessed with and those in it.

I am more thoughtful about the words I choose.

Having you by my side during all we’ve been through in these past 6 years (4 married) has made my load lighter, my laughter more frequent, the difficult days more tolerable, and the good days even better.

The odds of us both ending up in Chicago back in 2007 were slim to none, and yet… there we were at a seedy little dive bar for our mutual friend’s birthday party. I know that not everybody believes in soulmates and fate… and I don’t know if I ever did before either. But when I met you – I knew it was fate.

We were meant to be. You are mine, and I am yours, and it felt that way almost immediately after we met. As if you had always been in my life… and I knew you were never going anywhere.

Thank you today and everyday – for standing by me always, and for constantly challenging me & inspiring me to be a better person. I am so blessed to call you my husband.


Yours always,

Christy xoxo



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