Rose + John ~ Wisconsin Anniversary Photography

I must say – I’m pretty excited to share this session with you guys – because these are my parents!! They celebrated 40 years of marriage this past Sunday, and a week before that James and I headed up to Wisconsin to celebrate with them and to take some photos for their anniversary!

I don’t know that they’ve ever had professional photos done of just the two of them – so this was something new for all of us (them being photographed, and me posing my parents like a ‘normal’ couple! haha) My mom is a regular visitor of my blog, so before I could even get a pose description out of my mouth she’d say ‘You’re not going to make me do THAT pose, are you??!!”  (Tough crowd, let me tell you! haha) Not to mention that my parents are about the furthest from a touchy-feely, lovey-dovey couple there is – so this was an interesting process for all of us. 🙂 But I’m happy to say that I think it went great!

Oh and then there was this little part at the end of the session where my dad said, “Oh wait, I just have one more photo I want you to take…” as he switched places with my mom. I looked on in confusion about what my dad could possibly want to do that we hadn’t already done, when suddenly he pulled a diamond ring out of his pocket and started to put it on my mom’s hand.

My first thought was, “I can’t believe he didn’t tell me he was going to do this!!!

And my second thought was, “Oh crap! I’m supposed to be taking pictures of this!!!” haha

(You see, having him tell me ahead of time would have gave me a little heads up to be photographing the moment and not standing there in shock. haha. But I already yelled at my dad about that one, no worries!)

The ring is especially significant because as far as the stories I’ve heard, my dad never proposed to my mom. (I know, RIGHT?!) And he also never got her a diamond engagement ring. (There was apparently a family heirloom ring that was given to her at some point, but it had a fake ruby in it…?) So the fact that he finally got her a diamond ring 40 years later, was pretty special. Suffice to say my mom was surprised!

Anyway – enough chatter. Check out the photos!


Then the big surprise… 🙂


Happy Anniversary again mom & dad!!



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