CTP Workshop Survey ~ Input Needed!

Hello to all you lovely people in internet-land!

Last year before I announced my first workshops I posted a survey to get some input from those of you that hoped to join me in Chicago. I’m going to do the same again right now – because while I already have a curriculum in order and pricing set… I would still love your input on dates, topics, and some other things before officially announcing!



Because I had a ton of people asking me to host another Beginner Workshop last summer and promising to come (but then when I announced it only 2 people signed up – that’s what I get for not doing a survey that time! ;)), I’d love it if you could be as honest as possible with yourself (and me) about whether or not you can truly make it. 🙂 While the 2-on-1 attention was amazing for the lovely ladies who attended the Beginner Workshop last summer, I really only want to set aside a whole weekend for this if a handful of people are coming! Otherwise I might as well be doing individual mentoring sessions on weekdays. You know what I’m saying? 🙂



Anyway – that being said – I’d love for you to fill this out if you’re thinking about joining us for either workshop so I have some info to base my decisions on!!!

THANK YOU in advance for taking time to fill out this survey!!! 🙂 I can’t wait to hopefully meet you all in a few months!!!






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