Rhonda + Zubaer: Part 1 ~ Chicago Nikah Ceremony ~ Chicago Interfaith Wedding Photography

I’m so excited to finally share Rhonda and Zubaer’s beautiful wedding weekend with you guys!! James and I were so honored to be a part of this wedding! Because it was a 2-day affair (well, really 3-day, but we weren’t there for the Mehndi Celebration), I’m going to break this into two blog posts. Today we’ll start with Rhonda and Zubaer’s Nikah Ceremony. (The couple asked that the actual ceremony images remain private to them/their family, so we’ll just feature the moments leading up to and following the ceremony here.)

There were so many touching moments and sweet gestures, that I’m sure you will feel the emotions of that day as you look through these photos. (I had an incredibly difficult time keeping it together behind the camera as I watched it all unfold…) It was such a moving day to be a part of. Congratulations again Rhonda and Zubaer! (Many more photos to come tomorrow from their Walima Celebration/Reception – so stay tuned!)


To start the day, Rhonda opened these beautiful gifts from Zubaer’s parents… such a sweet gesture!

I’m just in love with all the beautiful colors and accessories!


** Rhonda and Zubaer asked that we keep the photos from their ceremony itself private, so we’ll jump right into the bride & groom portraits after the ceremony!**


How gorgeous are these two?!


Don’t forget to check back for part 2 tomorrow! 🙂


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