Erin + Bret ~ Chicago North Side Engagement ~ Chicago Engagement Photography

A few weeks ago Erin was in Chicago on business, and managed to turn it into a fun personal trip when Bret flew out to spend a long weekend in the city as well! I was so excited we were able to make it work so we could hang out, get to know each other better, and shoot an engagement session before their April wedding in Chesapeake Bay (which I am SO excited for)! 🙂

I knew Erin was ‘good people’ given the mutual friend we have in common… Jess – my dear friend from photography school who is responsible for setting James and I up at her 25th birthday party! (We kind of owe her everything for that!) I’d met Erin before when she used to live in Chicago as well, but never got a chance to really talk/hang out. So when she contacted me about shooting her wedding in Maryland this spring – I was super excited because I knew we’d get along fabulously, and this was the perfect opportunity to get to know her even better!

And as expected, I had a great time hanging out with she and Bret for their engagement session! These two are so laid back and easy going about everything! Mosquitos biting you like crazy? No big deal. Venturing down a super steep hill and into the woods for the sake of a photo? They’re in! After this session – I am somehow even more excited for their wedding (and I wasn’t sure that was possible). And a side note – Erin has some of the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen!

But before you head down to see the photos I have to give a shout out to the lovely Debbie, who did Erin’s hair for the session! If any of you ladies are looking for someone to make you look extra fabulous for your engagement session or wedding – contact her!


Beautiful, Erin!!!


Aren’t they adorable?! So excited to see them in Maryland this April! 🙂 And I just realized it is Erin’s birthday today!!! Happy birthday hon!! xo!


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