Catherine + Sam ~ Montrose Harbor ~ Chicago Engagement Photography

I’m so thankful for Catherine and Sam, because they introduced me to a location that I immediately fell in love with! You see… I’d been to Montrose Harbor before – but never really wandered around. And oh-my-word… it is beautiful! I’ve since shot there again for another couple who holds Montrose Harbor dear to their hearts as well, and I love it more and more every time!! (So much so that James and I plan to head over there to do our self-timer holiday card photos today!)

But I digress… Let’s focus on these two lovebirds! Catherine is ALWAYS smiling and it is insanely contagious! I love it. She and Sam are so sweet together… as you can see immediately in the photos. They have an ease about being together, and can’t keep their hands off each other! Just my kind of couple! 🙂

We had an absolutely stunning day for the session – which these two started off by enjoying a picnic and some wine, and then they changed outfits and wandered around the area to finish up the session.

I love so much about this couple & this session – but I’ll stop talking and let you see for yourself! 🙂



Love them!! So much joy together. 🙂


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