Leann + Patrick ~ Midway Village Barn ~ Rockford Wedding Photography

As I mentioned in their engagement post – it has been a whirlwind of a ride for me with Leann and Patrick! They were my last 2012 couple to book (just this past January), and one of our first weddings of the year! Because of that – I’ve gotten to see/hear a lot from them in the last six months and I absolutely loved it!

I literally fell in love with these two pretty much right from the start at our first meet-up at Starbucks. Something about them reminds me a lot of James and I … they are playful with each other, always smiling, laughing, and making the best out of this life together. Patrick kissed Leann on the forehead more times than I could keep track of throughout their wedding day – and it was just about the sweetest thing to witness ever. (I can’t get enough of forehead kisses, I don’t know why! I seriously said “aww” every time!) These two are both amazing people on their own (volunteering and doing all sorts of wonderful things) – and so I cannot wait to see what they do with their life together.

Leann and Patrick, it was an honor to be a part of your wedding day. James and I had such a fabulous time with the two of you and your awesome family and friends. I know you guys are going to have a life full of adventures (because you can’t sit still!!), lots of love, and even more laughter. Love you two! xoxo!!!


I love first looks! Such a sweet moment…

I loved these two that James captured from above…

I totally lost it when Leann’s sister-in-law and brother sang and played the guitar. Wow. Just gorgeous.

These two were announced as husband and wife to the cheers and applause of their family & friends…. and then Leann’s reaction made everybody in the church cry! So sweet.

I love it when couples work sunset photos into their timeline! It is the perfect time to step outside and have some quiet moments together – away from all the bustle & busy-ness of the wedding day for just the two of you. (Not to mention – look at that light!!!)

Stunning Leann!

Love these two! 🙂


Congratulations again Leann & Patrick!!!


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