Heather + Mark ~ theWit Hotel ~ Chicago Wedding Photography

I’m not even sure where to start with this wedding… so I guess I’ll start at the very beginning! Heather found me on A Practical Wedding (a girl of my own heart!) and contacted me last May about possibly shooting her wedding. We hit it off from the first few emails – full of excessive amounts of exclamation points, smiley faces, and general enthusiasm for … well… everything… including emailing. A lot. 🙂 As I was looking over our past correspondence I realized we’ve exchanged nearly 120 emails in the last year, and I think a majority of them were non-wedding related. 🙂 We connected on Twitter shortly after she booked me and the rest is history! I can honestly say she is more of a friend than she is a client (which is what I hope for all my couples!) – and in the weeks leading up to the wedding I had to remind myself I was working at their wedding and not just attending it! 😉 haha

Heather is one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met, and when I first met Mark at the engagement session all I could do was nod and smile – because seriously – these two are perfect together. They just make sense together. They are such great compliments to the person the other is… both so kind hearted and good to the core.

James and I were honored to spend the day with them at theWit in Chicago documenting the start of their life together as husband and wife. It was an absolutely beautiful day and these two had me crying long before the ceremony even started! But enough talk from me – you can see how wonderful this day was for yourself!

Congratulations again Mark and Heather!!! Hopefully this post brings you back to that beautiful (and hot) day in Chicago and eases you back into life after the honeymoon! Welcome home! xo!


I love first looks!! Such a beautiful moment to themselves!

And then plenty of time for photos before the ceremony! Thankfully theWit in Chicago is a perfect spot to keep cool for some photos to start out!

I loved this capture by James…

Gorgeous woman! And we’re only getting started!

Olive Park in Chicago always makes a perfect backdrop for wedding photos!

Another one by James… looooooove the colors behind them!

These two have their GQ faces DOWN!

Adorable sisters!


Can I just say that the rooftop at theWit may just be the coolest cocktail hour location ever?!

James snagged these shots of Heather! I’m obsessed!

The ballroom looked amazing thanks to Heather’s friend (and wedding planner) Mitul!

More and more happy tears…

There was some sort of naked bike ride going on right outside the building! haha! The guests were very curious!

Yay! So much fun!!! 🙂


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