Justin & Mary’s Sunrise Shoot-Out ~ WPPI 2012 ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer

I’d have to say that of all the platform classes I went to, speakers I heard, and things I took part in during my time in Las Vegas for WPPI – my time with Justin & Mary was definitely my favorite. When they first announced they were doing a sunrise shoot-out with just 20 lucky photographers I hesitated a moment about whether or not I should purchase a spot. After all, I had already modeled for their Chicago Walk Through A Wedding workshop this summer with James, and figured I’d already heard everything they had to say. Boy was I wrong. And boy am I glad I decided to go to this shoot-out!

We laughed, we cried, and we learned SO MUCH. I can’t wait to implement all the posing ideas and techniques tomorrow at an elopement James and I are shooting. I really can’t wait. It was so refreshing after listening to so many people speak about photography to actually get out there and shoot.

So if you ever have the opportunity to attend a workshop or shoot-out by Justin & Mary – JUMP ON IT! We had an amazing time and I’m so pleased that I got some photos I really really LOVE out of it too. It probably helped that our models were the most adorable married couple ever, Liz & Ryan, who are talented photographers in their own right! Liz wore a beautiful gown from Chaviano Couture, and these two just rocked out this shoot-out!

As always – I had a difficult time narrowing these images down – so I thought I’d share all of my favorites. Why not?! 😉


I love Mary’s robotics! 😉


The beautiful light…. oh the beautiful light!!!

I love me some Justin & Mary, and can’t wait to do this again sometime!!! 🙂


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